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Spiritual Teaching Article:

An Introduction to Crystals

This is a very brief introduction to the wonderful world of crystals, minerals and gemstones. There is so much that can be said and taught about this subject, there is no way I can cover it all in one article. So, I have given you a most basic introduction on what crystals are, how to use them and a list of the most common crystals.

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The most important thing that you can first learn about crystals is that they are not just inanimate objects. They are living entities that can be our friends, guides, and teachers. Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting light, this is the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. Each type of crystal gives off its own vibration. When you hold or wear crystals, their energies interact with your aura and etheric bodies. The vibrations of that crystal then assists in changing, enhancing or modifying your own vibration.

Crystals, gemstones and minerals can be worked with for many purposes, some of which are:

  • To modify thoughts, and emotions, our bodies, and enhance surroundings.
  • Heal imbalances in the body.
  • Raising consciousness.
  • Develop intuition, enhance psychic abilities and encourage prophetic dreams.
  • Assist in meditation and creating inner peace.
  • Assisting in manifestation (eg. love, money, etc.)

The first thing that you will want to do with a crytal is to cleanse it. This is because crystals retain memories of the thoughts and feelings of those that come in contact with them. Since you probably don't know where your crystal came from or who has left their vibration on it, it is best to cleanse it before working with it. It is also a good idea to cleanse your crystal now and then, if you feel it has picked up "negative" vibrations.

Here are several ways to cleanse your crystal:

  • Place the crystal in direct sunlight for a few hours.
  • Bury your crystal in the Earth for 3 days.
  • Smudge with sage.
  • Place in running water for 3 days.
  • Bury in a bowl of sea salt overnight.
  • Place the crystal in the moonlight for a complete moon cycle.
    Note: Some crystals/minerals/gems are softer than others and could be harmed by salt. If you are unsure about the "hardness" of your crystal, use one of the other methods to cleanse.

    The best way to start working with your crystal is to use your own intuition. Learn to listen, to "communicate" with your crystal and you will learn how it can best assist you. This simply requires that you "attune" yourself to your crystal.

    Here's an easy way to attune yourself to your crystal:

    • After cleansing your crystal, hold it in your hands. Look at it in detail, noting the color, shape, size, and other physical characteristics of the stone. Really get to know your crystal from a visual perspective.
    • Next, place your crystal in your dominant hand (the hand that you write with). Send your crystal love. Feel love coming from your heart and direct it towards the crystal. Feel the love for your crystal just as you would feel love for a family member, friend or pet. If you wish, you can imagine a pink bubble of love surrounding your crystal.
    • Now, place your crystal in your non-dominant hand, which is also known as your "receptive" hand. The hand you write with is your "projective" hand, the hand with which you send out energy. The non-dominant, or "receptive" hand is the hand with which you receive impressions. Hold your crystal in your receptive hand and close your eyes. Simply concentrate on the crystal in your hand and notice whatever feelings or impressions arise. With practice, you may receive impressions from your crystal through feelings, thoughts or even images. Even if you do not receive anything, it's okay. Just by holding your crystal in your receptive hand and concentrating on it, you are creating a bond between you and your crystal.

    You can now place your crystal in a special place, place it in a room or wear it on your person. The energy it gives off will affect you or the area that it is placed in. Give your crystal weekly, if not daily, doses of love and attention. And, if you do place your crystal in a public area, make sure you cleanse it of vibrations from time to time.

    Crystals, especially quartz crystals, can also receive and hold thought forms or "programs". This is just like programming a computer to have it perform a certain function. Information or commands are stored in the molecular structure of the crystal. The crystal then amplifies the program or thought that you have given it. This can be used to achieve specific results like manifestation, weight loss, developing psychic abilities, clearing emotions, etc.

    To program a crystal:

    • Cleanse your crystal if you haven't already. This removes any prior programming and/or previous vibrations.
    • Think about the purpose of the program and what the end result will be once the program has worked. Make this purpose as clear and concise as you can.
    • Place the crystal against the area between your eyebrows, just above your eyes. This is your Third Eye area and is used to "send" the program into the crystal. Close your eyes and picture the end result happening inside your crystal. Create it with as many of your senses as you can. See it, smell it, touch it, hear it, taste it, make it feel real. When you feel that you have adequately programmed your crystal, open your eyes.
    • You can now wear your crystal, meditate with it or place it in a room where you will receive it's vibrational effects.

    If you wish to reprogram a crystal, simply give it a thorough cleansing and start the programming process over again. Don't expect your crystal to do ALL the work for you---you still have to put in the effort to make changes/improvements. But, your crystal will give you an extra energy advantage in doing so.

    Here is a brief list of some of the most common crystals and their attributes.

    Amber: This is actually a fossilized tree resin, not a crystal/mineral. Draws out negative energies, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Grounding and stabilizing. Blocks against psychic attacks and energy draining from others. Calming energy which helps dispel depression and bring about a more positive mental state. Brings joy, inner strength and peace of mind. Amber can also help discover ancient wisdom and knowledge.

    Amethyst: The "meditation crystal." Best crystal for meditation. Soothing and calming. Can help you cope with sadness and grief. Stimulates inspiration. Assists in spiritual growth. Intensifies your psychic and creative abilities. Helps open the psychic/spiritual centers. Promotes prophetic dreams. Prevents over-induglence and helps break bad habits.

    Aventurine: Draws luck, prosperity and good fortune. Assists in healing. Brings emotional tranquility and a positive attitudes towards life. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear.

    Azurite: Helps you more attain a deeper meditative state. Can help you to release the past and move forward into a new future. It can help you recognize and utilize the resources hidden within yourself. Increases psychic abilities and can help you become more attuned to your spiritual guides and the spirit realm.

    Citrine: Positive, uplifting and energizing, wich helps provide motivation and greater physical activity. Helps prevent nightmares. Increases luck, self-esteem and creativity. Attracts abundance. Helps lessen self-destructive tendencies. Citrine is one of the few crystals that does not hold and accumulate negative energy.

    Copper: Luck, prosperity, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy.

    Hematite: Grounding and protective. Can help with low self-esteem, allowing you to feel better about yourself. Helps one to think clearly, improve memory and have clearer thoughts. Reduces stress, enhances optimism, will and courage. Dissolves negativity.

    Lapis Lazuli: Assists one with the ability to communicate ideas clearly. Helps you remain focused. Calms the mind and soothes the body, allowing you to be more open to the subtle messages of the spirit world. Helps you enter meditation more easily. Relieves depression, giving a feeling of peace. Enhances psychic abilities and astral projection. The "enlightenment" stone--helps you to open more to spiritual forces.

    Obsidian: Protection. Dispels negative energies, protecting you from their influences. Can also help with introspection, realizing our rationalizations and the illusions we have created about ourselves.

    Quartz: Amplifies, stores, transforms and focus thought forms/vibrations. Quartz crystals are perfece "energy amplifiers" for many uses. Their energy is calming and soothing. Their energies promote balance between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life. Used in meditation, quartz can help us connect with our true spirit selves.

    Rose Quartz: The stone of "emotion." Stimulates and amplifies love. Helps us learn to love ourselves, and through this, give us an increased ability to love others. Can help improve low self-esteem. The perfect stone for anyone going through an emotional trauma, it is soothing and gentle. Helps to heal wounds of the heart.

    Smoky Quartz: Useful for grounding and draining away negative energy, including negative energy produced by the mind. Helps to overcome depression and other negative emotions. It can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. Good for those wishing to connect with the Earth.

    Sodalite: Good for meditation. Helps open you up to the spiritual world and cosmic consciousness. Helps to heal stress, guilt, anger nervousness and fear. Stimulates psychic abilities.

    Tigereye: Protection from all types of danger. Helps attract wealth, abundance, prosperity. Enhances self-empowerment. Can be used to assist in discovering past lives. Enhances wisdom.

    Turquoise: Helps in attracting love, money, prosperity, new friends, lovers, or promoting a sense of joy. Brings peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship, and loyalty. Also a protective stone.

  • Copyright 2004, Reverend Jeff Bekasinski