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Spiritual Teaching Article:

The Act of Blessing

Those of you who have received a reading or any other correspondence from me may have noticed that I end my correspondence with the phrase "Blessings, Rev. Jeff." What you may not realize is that this is not just the quaint way that I choose to end my letters, I DO actually invoke a blessing for you.

The act of giving a blessing is something that everyone can do. It is not reserved soley for Priests, Ministers or spiritual leaders. It is rather, a beautiful way of invoking Love and Universal Energy to touch the life of another.

What is a blessing, then? The dictionary defines this as: to invoke divine care for; to confer prosperity or happiness upon. This is exactly what one is doing when giving a blessing---invoking the Divine Power or Universal Energy to fall upon someone. One is asking the Universe/Father-Mother God/the Angels, etc. to grace the life of another with Light, love, protection, etc.

To give a blessing is one of the most selfless acts that one can perform. A true blessing is given from the heart, without expectations, without the desire of a "return." When you truly open your heart and ask for a blessing out of unconditional love, then your blessing is sure to be heard and grace the life of the person for whom it is asked. If you do this, if you can ask for a blessing to be given to someone without any expectations for yourself, not only will your blessing be delivered, but you will find that by the Law of Return, blessings will also fall upon you. Remember, however, that this is not the reason to give a blessing. You should do it only out of pure love for another.

Do not think of simply blessing those whom you love. What about the older person with heavy bags trying to cross the street? What about the emaciated man on the corner, begging for food? What about the stranger in the department store who cannot find her credit card? What about the stressed out businessman stuck in traffic? What about the drug addict searching for their next fix? All of these people, too, need blessings in their lives, and deserve them just as much as your family or best friend. It takes nothing away from you to give a blessing, in fact, it gives you so much more from a spiritual perspective. Why limit your blessings to those whom you know personally? Give freely the gift of blessing! Do it once a day or all day long. Open your heart and give this precious gift to anyone you feel is in need.

It is true that once you have given a blessing to someone you probably will not see the "instant result" of your action. This does not matter. If you give a blessing from your heart, with unconditional love, rest assured that your blessing will go forth and be bestowed upon that person. It will change their life in some way. It will lift their Soul, their Spirit in some way. It will make a difference.

So, exactly how does one give a blessing? It is truly simple. First, open your heart. This may come as a feeling to you or you may even visualize a door to your Heart Center (located in the center of the chest, not where the physical heart exists) opening up. Come from a mental state of pure love. Then, simply ask. Just ask that the blessing be given. According to your particular belief system, you may wish to call upon God, Jesus Christ, the Angels, or any other Ascended Master for assistance in this process. Here are a few examples:

"Please bless this person
and give them what they need."


"Dear Angels, please shower this person
with Light and give them what is
for their highest good at this time." Thank you."


"Father, Mother, God, Creator, I ask that
this person now receive your Divine Light and Love.
May they be given what they need most
in their life right now. Thank you. Amen."

As you see, it is simple. Simply open your heart and ask that the person be blessed. Imagine what would happen, how our world would change, if everyone made this a daily practice? The Act of Blessing is so simple a practice, with so profound an effect. I invite you to make it a part of your daily activity.

Rev. Jeff

Copyright 2004, Reverend Jeff Bekasinski