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I am proud to say that 97% of the people who receive a psychic reading from me come back and become repeat clients. While I do not allow anyone to become dependent on psychic readings, I am always available when a person feels that they need guidance from the world of Spirit.

I am always happy to hear back from someone who has received a psychic or Tarot reading from me. Below are a few of the wonderful responses that I have received over the years. These are quotes from actual emails that I have received, no compensation has been provided to people providing these quotes. Please note that their names have not been used to protect their confidentiality.


"I just want to tell you how amazing you are. You are right in everything you tell me. You are perfect! Sometimes when you have sent me readings I have been feeling sad and confused...but after a while I have started to think and feel and then your readings seems perfect and I am comforted. And in the end everything you say comes true and is leading me towards my highest good. I am so grateful to have you as my friend and for getting your help and comfort. I hope you understand how great you really are and how much I appreciate you."
---V.G., Sweden

"I thank you so much for the guidance you have provided to me by way of Spirit. This is far and away the most comprehensive reading I have ever had. You possess a true gift and I appreciate your kindness and empathy that shines through in these readings. I wish you peace, happiness and good fortune in your life's work and I will without a doubt contact you again when I feel at a crossroads in my own life."
---A.B., CT, USA

"Rev. Jeff's thirty minute reading is incomparable. I received mine several weeks ago and am still very slowly and carefully processing the guidance I received. This reading was a true blessing and a key to help me understand this new deep spiritual knowledge and to understand myself in all aspects of my existence."
---B.S., MI, USA

"I am newly awakening & just starting my spiritual path which can be very confusing and full of people just wanting to take advantage of one’s spiritual naiveté. I originally was led to Rev. Jeff’s site while researching angels & ascended masters. I was struggling through the internet & after finding many less than mediocre sites, I asked Spirit to direct me to a site with honesty and integrity. I was very impressed with the information I found on his site & also with his email books and crystal items available. Over several months time, I also ordered a tarot, an angel and a psychic reading by Rev. Jeff. Each one was different yet so accurate in the areas of my life he described. It was like he had witnessed my life – that Spirit told him everything important about the past and the future. It has reconfirmed what I was starting to understand about many of the changes happening in my life & has given me direction on my spiritual path. It has made the way that much easier now knowing and understanding & having direction in my life. It was like a door being opened to me. I have forwarded my readings to all my friends, co-workers & many relatives & everyone is astounded at how accurate Rev. Jeff’s readings were for me—describing my life to a T!! Many have also gone on to have readings by Rev. Jeff and have told me how accurate theirs were also. I have had many readings etc. over the years—but NONE have EVER come anywhere near the accuracy of Rev. Jeff’s. He is truly gifted!!!! What also is amazing is not only do you get a great & accurate reading—Rev. Jeff’s prices are affordable for everyone!"
---J.K., MASS, USA

"You are always so on target and your readings come right at the moment I need them! Everything your readings say are so affirming to me and soothing to my soul. It is kind of like stuff that my Spirit already knew - but that my ego needed validated by an outside source (if that makes any sense). Your readings are much, much more than psychic readings to me - they are wise and thoughtful words of comfort and empowerment that make me trust my own inner knowing and intuition on situations. You have given me a higher perspective and understanding on why certain things are happening in my life which means more to me than predicting the future. With your help, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, have hope for the future and see the many possibilities awaiting me. I am eternally grateful for your sincerity and honesty, and will only trust you with psychic readings. You have a lifelong customer in me! Thank you so much!"
---D.J., KS, USA

"Thank you for providing me, in the last few years with tremendous insight into the energy, forces and spirits around me, enabling me to grow and use my free will to travel more comfortably along paths that I might not have otherwise been aware of.

Your readings have all been fully accurate all the way through.

God Bless You."
---H.S., Toronto, Canada

"I must tell you - before I ask you anything - you have been very exact for me. This has me very pleased. Every reading that I have ever had with you has been 100% right. Thank you....I have had many readings in my time. And I do mean MANY. I have had everything from handwriting analysis, hair analysis, past life regressions, tarot cards, regular cards, tea leaves, sticks, stones - you name it. In the 35 years of having readings - less than a handful have been accurate. I hope you are sitting down for this - I even had a reading by Sylvia Browne's son - and he never said one thing that was correct! Not one thing! Your readings have always been very accurate and I appreciate it."
---M.W., NY

"I've walked this earth a full 38 years and have been blessed by many happy and fortunate meetings with enlightened and blessed souls.It has been a long journey that brought me up to Rev.Jeffs doorstep.The road was bumpy and the weather harsh, too many lessons were to be taken in a small period of time....Yet it was the happiest meeting of them all!!!!

Meeting rev.Jeff has made every bit of the road meaningfull and worth while.I found comfort, I found strength, I found healing and warmth...most of all, I found HOPE!!!!!! Words are not enough for expressing the joy and peace that has permeated my life ever since.The readings given to me were like a ray of sunshine that lighted my entire life at a time when everything seemed dark and hopeless....The healing session has restored my physical health as well as my balance.

I strongly recommend a reading to anyone in distress or despair as well as those who merely seek their way and purpose in life.The knowledge provided in the readings is beyond description...Things begin to fall in place without effort and pain....

I have been trully blessed in meeting this extraordinary person and I feel very gratefull for being given the chance to communicate with him."

---F.C., Greece

"I have requested your service in the past and believe me you have hit the target. I didn't believe at first the answer to my question but within 3 months after you gave me a reading regarding a question i had you were so right now i feel like a fool for not listening to your advice."
---E.B., CA, USA

"You did a wonderful reading for me about 1 1/2 years ago. I believe everything you told me ended up coming to pass----a true testimony to your wonderful gift. You will never know how much you helped me to get out of that horrible marriage. I truly think he would have killed me if I had not contacted to you when I did. I felt so helpless, you made me aware of the importance of taking a stand for myself. I will be forever grateful to you for your help."
---B.P., MI, USA

"I just had to write to you to tell you how astounded I was at the accuracy of your reading. I mean it was uncannily accurate. You truly are psychic and have a very special gift. For beyond that.....what you wrote really has helped me to validate the value in believing in oneself and I have always 'thought' that I had the ability to manifest or a gift. Not sure how to explain it was interesting that you picked up on it too. I have always prayed that one day I can use that for a greater good. This has definately motivated me to look into additional spiritual realms that may become useful in my future towards healing or helping people. It's funny....little kids and babies and the elderly are VERY attracted to me....almost like I know there is something there within me that is special. Just have to learn to project it in a way that can help people. Anyway, thank you for that wonderful reading. I will definately be back soon for additional guidance on my journey."
---M.P., NC

"Many, many thanks. Rev Jeff, for the wonderful readings you have given me. Through your communication skills with Spirit, I now understand why I am in my current situation, and have been given hope - and help - for the immediate future."
---G.G., UK

"I had been in a state of fluctuating financial chaos for almost three years when I decided to ask Rev. Jeff for an Angel reading for finances and abundance. I have been on my spiritual path for seven years, with a very devoted meditation and mantra practice. Good signs frequently manifest in my life, often when things are not going well. Still, it was often difficult for me to focus with clarity when "the going got tough." Rev. Jeff's Angel reading was such an uplifting experience! Not only did it pinpoint exact (and accurate) areas that were the root of the problems, it also gave me specific advice on what to do during difficult times. I was also given specific Angles to turn to for help. The reading was so perfect for me that I couldn't quite believe it. I felt as though a group of very wise friends had immediately circled me to provide support, give practical advice and soothe my jangled nerves. I keep a copy of the reading with me all the time, in my bag, and read it to reassure myself that Iam NOT alone in my problems."
---D.I., NY

"I have had you do readings before and they were excellent."
---A.M., MD

"Thank you soo much for the wonderful satisfiying reading. I understood the message clearly with a positive attitude. I like your reading that you provide with spirits guidance, an advice where and how I should do. Very satisfying indeed."
---J.H., Japan

"My sincere thanks for bringing this information to me from Spirit..... I'm amazed at how many answers seemed to mesh right in with my recent thoughts and feelings.....The answers give me a tremendous amount of encouragement and strength to continue the journey......I certainly would love to recommend you to others as the situations arise. Your gifts are very much appreciated!!"
---J.K., AZ

"If I could use only one word to describe Reverend Jeff it would be "amazing." I was led to Reverend Jeff in a roundabout way, initially to inquire about Reiki, but ultimately to receive an hour-long reading. Before that, I'd gone to a handful of other psychics - all of whom were talented, but none of whom compared to Reverend Jeff. His talent and abilities are eclipsed only by his loving nature, which encircles everything he does and every word he speaks. He is simply a brilliant man. Not only was the reading he gave me accurate and insightful, but friends I have referred to him have come back and told me in no uncertain terms that he was "right on."

Meeting and working with Reverend Jeff in this lifetime has been a blessing, and one I wish to adamantly share with others. He is a phenomenal man, an astonishing spirit, and (I'm proud to say) my extraordinary friend."
---M.B., NY

"This reading was truly a life-altering experience. It helped me bring peace, balance, and understanding to my life."
---L.H., NY

"I would just like to say that Rev. Jeff is very accurate, he has helped me with several ISSUES that I have had in the past. He didn't beat around the bush, he was straight to the point and EVERYTHING he told me was the absolute truth. He is a wonderful clairvoyant, and I'm glad I finally found someone that Really knows what they're doing instead of just taking people's money, I think he's one in a MILLION."
---M.P., NC

"You just did a fifteen minute reading by email for me and I was very impressed with it so I recommended a reading for my daughter by you."
--WWB, Oregon, WI

"I found your website through a search engine, Google I believe. I purchased a reading from you not long ago, and I was really impressed!"
--AF, Canada

"Repeat customer-the career reading you did for me was very helpful-thank you!"
---J.S., VA

"I just had to write you again to say "WOW!" Your readings are so POWERFUL. The words you use are just so powerful and amazing."

"...My words to you are only the truth and what I feel you have done. You have uplifted my spirits as well as my mother, father (indirectly), and honest person with many talents. A person such as Rev. Jeff is dificult to encounter these days, especially for readings so detailed such as his and even the free healings. I know he is helping so many people with their day to day difficulties. His mission in life was to help others in need. So, I am glad I was able to find him and you to help me out in my time of need."
---Y.N., TX

"Just a brief message to tell you how grateful I am for your Angel Reading. I feel so fortunate that I discovered your web site. Your reading has provided me with much insight into my life's situations. Thank you for your time and energy in responding to my question."
---J.K., AZ

This is a letter of recommendation that I received after working on some missing persons cases:

To: Whom It May Concern
Subj: Rev. Jeff Bekasinski

This gentlemen has assisted with several very sensitive international cases regarding missing children and persons for this agency.

Each time he was asked a question, he responded with information we already had from other sources, but he did not use our sources of information.

He informs us he has a 'psychic' gift. We judge this not. However, his information has been 100% accurate thus far.

This Agency and I personally would recommend him for any work of this type he might provide.

Lt. Gen. Paul Johns
Commanding Officer
Project Bluelight