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About Psychic Readings
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Psychic Readings

Some advice about psychics and psychic readings:

  1. Run away from any "psychic" that claims that you are cursed, that you have "negative energies around you," that you have "bad karma" that your "aura is black" or anything of that sort. They will tell you this, then claim that they can help you....for a fee. This is a long-time scam, and many people have lost a lot of money dealing with these types of people.

  2. NO psychic can tell you, for sure, what your future will be and no psychic can always be accurate in reading---at least not 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. Anyone claiming to do so is either confused about their own abilities or trying to take your money. (You may be thinking, "But I saw this famous psychic on TV and she is always right." Well, please realize that you are watching a planned television program. What you don't see is all the times she wasn't right, that were edited out before the program aired.) A psychic might be able to "see into the future," but not predict it. There's a big difference between the two. No one can accurately predict the future, 100% of the time, simply because the future is always changing. You are always changing. You also have control of your life-how you respond to life---you make decisions, you can influence, you can change your mind, you can choose where to put your efforts, etc. A trained psychic can often "see into the future," and can tell you about things which have a possibility of ocurring or are most likely to occur. I, myself, give readings every day in which I talk about things that do, in fact, come to pass.

  3. A good psychic can tell you about opportunities that will present themselves, possible avenues open for you, maybe people and energies (emotional, physical, spiritual) that will be surrounding you or influencing you. What you do with that information is up to you. For example, I might be told by Spirit that you will have "political energy" surrounding you in the future. I might be shown that one possible avenue you could take would be to get involved in politics, and that if you did so, you would eventually become President of the United States. Well, if you then did nothing to make it happen (i.e. go to college, involve yourself in politics, run for office, campaign), it simply wouldn't happen. Maybe you would choose in the future to devote your studies elsewhere. Maybe you decided you loved ice cream more than anything else, and opened up an ice cream parlor. Ultimately it is up to you to decide your future. What a true psychic can offer you is information to help you get there.

  4. A real psychic may not be able to answer every single question, every single time. Sometimes, the psychic simply doesn't receive an answer. This could be because the information would interfere with your growth for some reason, it could be that you need to learn something on your own, and it could be another reason altogether. The point is that there are "psychics" out there who answer a question, even if they aren't getting an answer through their psychic abilities. They know the client wants an answer, so they give them one. They want to protect their reputation or make it seem like they are powerful, so they give out answers, even if the answers aren't based on real psychic information.

  5. Beware of "psychics" that always seem to tell you what you want to hear. There are many "psychics" out there who just want to please a client and make them feel happy, even if the information they are giving isn't correct. They figure if the client leaves feeling like everything is always going to go their the way they want, they will become regular clients and come back to spend more money. But, that sort of reading is benefitting anyone. It is better to always hear the truth, than to live in a fantasy. If something isn't going to work out the way you want or isn't the best thing for you or right for you---then it is better to know this, find out what you can do about it and what directions you should move in for your highest good and happiness. And, don't fear a reading---don't think this means that you are only going to hear "bad" things that you don't want to hear. I always say, if you don't want to hear the truth, then go to someone else for a reading. You may, in fact, hear many good things in a reading. But, if there is something that isn't right for you, you will hear the truth. And, you will also receive the information you need to move in directions that are for your highest good and happiness.

  6. If a psychic is always "doom and gloom," then they either they are not a good psychic or they just don't know how to relay information to a client. A psychic who tells you something you don't like and leaves it at that, isn't doing the best job. If you leave a reading feeling depressed or scared about your life, then you went to the wrong person for a reading. Because nothing is cut and dry. At least in the readings I do, if Spirit tells someone something that the person may have a negative reaction to, Spirit doesn't just leave them hanging. Spirit will then go on to give the person the information they need to improve the matter, avoid it or learn from it and move forward.

  7. No "psychic" should make you dependent on them. If a psychic makes you believe that you need to talk to them once a week (or worse, once a day), or if they send you mail or email telling you that they have important information for you, they want your money. A psychic reading should leave you feeling a little more "empowered," not the opposite. I always encourage people to discover their own inner voice for guidance, and maybe consult a psychic once in a while to see a bigger picture or seek advice on a troubling situation.

  8. If you receive a reading from a psychic and then you start receiving emails or other correspondence saying things like: "I have important news for you." or "There's something more you need to know." or "I must tell you something." then, beware, because this person is looking to "hook" you into more readings and paying for more services. Along the same lines, beware of psychics who only give you part of an answer and then asking for more money to finish.

About my psychic readings:
My readings are based on clairvoyant, clairaudient and intuitive information. This means that I may see pictures, hear words or music and instantly know information. During a reading I also connect with the world of Spirit and may receive messages from Angels, Spirit Guides and/or loved ones that have passed on. Tarot readings are also available for those who would like that type of reading.

During a reading, I connect with the world of Spirit and "tune into" your energy. The messages I receive for you are directly from Spirit---Angels, Spirit Guides, the Soul and the Source. The information you receive is what is most important for you to know at the current time in your life. The spiritual energies that surround you (angels, guides, your Higher Self or Soul) want nothing but the best for you. They offer information to help you deal with and succeed in life. Spirit wants to see you succeed. Spirit wants to see you follow the natural flow of life. Spirit wants you to be and become all that you can be. Spirit wants to see you develop to your full potential, learn your life lessons and achieve your desires. This is why Spirit will not only answer a question, but will also give a person the information and guidance that can help them to live their life to its fullest expression.

The psychic readings I offer are done through email. You send me your information and questions and I perform the reading and email it back to you. Some people may feel that email readings may not be “the same” as a telephone reading or a reading in person.

Let me assure you that “electronic” readings are just as clear, valid and informational as a reading in person.

In fact, I now prefer to do e-mail readings because I feel that I can receive information from Spirit more accurately for clients without distraction. When psychics read in person, it is too easy to pick up on body language, facial expressions, color changes in the aura and the client's mental thoughts. This does not produce a "true" reading, rather it is what many "psychics" rely on to dazzle their clients, seemingly being more accurate than they really are.

I, myself, have done readings through the internet for 10 years and have had no complaints from my clients. Email readings are just as clear because I can “tune in” to your name and birthdate just as well as hearing your voice or seeing you in person.

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