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"I am proud to offer these wonderful products to the visitors of my website. I rarely endorse products, but I have personally used Inner Talk® products and find them to be the best on the market to help one create positive changes."
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About Inner Talk®

Your mind is incredible. The brain has been compared to a computer in a sort of bio-computer analogy. The analogy has power--but it is an understatement. Science has discovered many of the hard wired connections that appear to give the brain/mind so much control over the body (health, wellness, longevity, youthfulness) and our destinies in terms of success, learning, wealth and prosperity. In fact, it seems like it must have been the dark ages when people doubted the role of the mind in creating their lives. Still, what we have discovered is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

There are many estimates by experts regarding the brain/mind. Most agree that at least three relevant observations are true:

  1. Somehow the mind can alter and control even things formerly thought to be a matter of DNA. (Example: multiple personality studies have shown eye color changes as sudden as the personality switch).
  2. Only approximately 10% of the brain's ability is tapped by normal people. The remaining 90% can be likened to an unused muscle--atrophied.
  3. There is no law of limitation except that which is self imposed. Most have literally been programmed, like a computer, with what computer people term GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). That is, they have been subjected to repeated messages teaching self doubt, fear, anxiety, etc. This programmed language of limitation has become their life script, their expectation, and therefore most of their reality.

The mind is the ultimate frontier. Your potential is probably yet unrealized. Our business exists to facilitate you in realizing your personal best. That's why we say, "InnerTalk®, when believing in yourself matters!"™

It's easy to make a claim. We have put our technology and products to the test. Independent researchers at leading universities, such as Stanford, have studied our work. In the most rigorous of scientific research designs, the double blind study, our programs have repeatedly demonstrated their effectiveness. From Weight Loss to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), from stress to depression, from learning to examination anxiety, and more, we have demonstrated our ability to facilitate your mind power.

We know that even if you have the best opportunities available to you, this does not necessarily mean that you will succeed. Why do some people succeed and some do not? Many people become their own obstacles to success with negative inner talk and beliefs.

Some very impressive "success" results are being achieved with the InnerTalk® technology. InnerTalk® actually re-programs the subconscious mind, which in turn dictates our realities. Our conscious mind is similar to a computer keyboard and our subconscious mind is like the hard drive. One serves as the input and the other is the processor of the information.

No one's success or failure is predestined. And, yes, everyone does have the potential for success and happiness within themselves.

With InnerTalk®, you can receive the successful mental programming to reach your ultimate goals. One of the main benefits of this technology is that it requires no conscious effort or work on your part, to breakthrough to the "ultimate successful and happy you."

Many individuals have used these programs with great results. One young boy, William, used InnerTalk® for his creativity and musical performance. At the age of 12, he composes and performs at genius levels. William attributes his performance to the InnerTalk® program. Another young boy, Matthew, has mastered the game of golf and now performs at amazing levels.

And now, you too can use these special programs to help you reach new levels of success that you may have only dreamed of in the past. By playing these programs in the background, you too can achieve amazing results!

How To Use Inner Talk® Products

Whole Brain® InnerTalk® audio and video programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic.

InnerTalk® audio programs are extremely easy to use. They are played in the background on any regular stereo cassette or CD player while the user is working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV. They can also be used with a personal tape or CD player while jogging, bike riding or any other activity. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic, positive and automatic results.

InnerTalk® programs may appear to work like magic, but they're based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information - and how this affects our everyday life.

InnerTalk® programs tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we're not thinking about it. On the surface, the programs sound like any other easy-listening music or nature programs you may have heard... but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic affirmations such as 'I feel good,' 'I am successful,' etc., that make long-lasting, positive impressions.

While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognizes and receives the powerful, life-changing affirmations.

Results can often be noticed in as little as a few days to a few weeks. InnerTalk® technology is so powerful it's patented with the U.S. Government, backed by independent studies at leading universities, and proven effective by the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users around the world.

All programs come with a list of the recorded affirmations. We recommend you review this list once a week or so to monitor your progress.

Some Recommended Inner Talk Products®

Inner Talk® features over 1,000 tapes, books, videos and CDs to choose from. Below is just a partial list of the products which I feel are valuable to anyone wishing to increase their spirituality or spiritual understanding.

(Other product categories include: Health & Wellness, Body Image & Weight, Relationships, Sports, Success, Better Life, Parenting.)

Increasing Spiritual Awareness
The brain is wired with a spiritual center that when electrically stimulated gives rise to a deep religious experience. Every culture in the world shares a certain religiosity and spiritual framework. Emerging research tends to suggest that one lives longer and is happier and healthier when they hold a spiritual awareness, a sort of connectedness, to the spiritual side of life. It would seem that we are born with this innate spiritual quotient-- but for many, it is never developed. Indeed, it is often pushed aside as something we do in our sixties, or superstitious non-sense, or so-called unscientific, and so forth. This program is designed to fully awaken and enliven our spiritual side.

Sample Affirmations:Christ Consciousness fills my mind and being. I am vital energy. I am connected to the Mind of God. We are all One. From the One we all are. I am a creation of God. God's perfection is who I am. The All Wise knowing intelligence flows through me. I am awakened. I remember, I am enlightened. My consciousness expands. My being is unlimited and eternal. My awareness is open and receptive. I am in harmony with all life.


Chakra Meditation
Many spiritual systems refer to the energy centers of the body. Allow the life energy to flow freely through you. Formerly titled Chakra Meditation.

Sample Affirmations: Life energy flows through me. I am creative. My energy is creative. Life is creative. Kundalini energy is creative. My root chakra is open. My spleen chakra is open. My solar plexus chakra is open. I love life. I am a gift. I am grateful. All that comes to me is good. Good exists in everything. I see God's presence in all.


Conscious Expansion
Discover the limitlessness of your conscious awareness. You'll find the only limits you have are those you impose upon yourself. "I am a being of the light. I access the Divine mind. I access the One Mind. I retain what I receive from the One Mind. God created me in God's image. I love you God. I expand and open my mind," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I am a being of the Light. I am a facet of the One Mind. I am One with the One Mind. God created me in God's image. God knows everything. I am one with the Divine. I access the Divine Mind. I am a gift - a gift of unconditional love. I accept the gift. All that I do is in love. I expand and open my mind. I receive from the One Mind. I access the One Mind. I retain what I see from the One Mind.


Buddha descended from a mountain and found a man on his knees before him . . . who said, "surely thou are God." To which Buddha replied, "I am not God. I am not a demi-God. I am only awake." "I open up. I trust my impressions. My hearing expands. My sight expands. I see interdimensionally," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I open up. I trust my senses. I trust my impressions. My hearing expands. My sight sees inter-dimensionally. I feel. My feeling expands. My chakras open. I am a channel of energy. I have a teleportation ability. I am clairvoyant. I am clairaudiant. I am clairsentient. I have telekinetic ability.


Using the Force
Is there an unseen energy that can be tapped into, giving rise to a perception of a deeper level of reality and a power to manipulate certain aspects of ordinary reality? Mystics have long said so. Explore the possibilities with this program. "I have the power and the ability. I feel life. I am one with the force. I see the force. Life and light are one," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I have the power and the ability. I feel life. I live in now. I breathe life. Life and Light are one. I am one with the Light. I am one with life. Life's force flows through me. I sense the Force. Time and space are illusion. All is the Force. I am one with the Force now. The Force contains all. The Force is infinite giving light.


Metaphysical Oneness
Formerly titled Oneness. Use this program to immerse yourself in the oneness of all. "I release all that is not Divine. I am one with the Divine. Love is oneness. I express Divine thought and action. I am in peace, balance, and harmony. I live in oneness. I am Divine Will. Divine Will and I are one. My perfect will is God's Will," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I live in oneness. I live in balance. I live in peace. I am in harmony. I am in peace, balance and harmony. I am Divine Will. Divine Will and I are one. I am in control. I am responsible. I can do anything. I release all that is not Divine. I manifest divinity in all things. I express divine thought and action. I am one with the Divine.


Awakened Dreaming
Research has demonstrated that we can learn, not just by remembering our dreams, but actually engineering them. Enter a dream and participate in the outcome. Resolve inner conflict and troubling emotions. "I have the power to change my dreams," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I am aware of my dreams. I enter my dreams lucidly. I have the power to change my dreams. I have the ability to generate dreams. The dream state can be conscious. I am aware during my dreams. My mind alerts me to dreams. I remain within the dream in an alert state. My consciousness expands. It is like being awake while dreaming. I enjoy lucid dreaming. I monitor my dreams. I record my dreams. I keep a journal of my dreams.


Opening Up to a Higher Power
The spirit, mind and body are inseparable. Address any difficulty on all levels and insure a successful and permanent change. The 12 step program identifies e-g-o as "edging God out." "I am a creation of the Divine. I was created perfectly. I am in touch with the higher power within. Only the eternal is real. Love cancels fear. Life is a school," etc.

Sample Affirmations: I am a creation of the Divine. I was created perfectly. I accept the gift. All that I can ever be is a gift. I am grateful. I manifest unto the glory of the giver. Life is a school. I have many learnings. I have had many choices. I accept responsibility for my choices. I am responsible. I am loving. I am forgiving. I am forgiven.


Miracle Mindedness
Belief is a powerful ally or enemy in our world. This program seeks to place firmly in mind the idea that miracles exist in everything and have no special level of difficulty. The program is based on the Course in Miracles teachings. "Miracles happen, I am a miracle. Life is a miracle. I have the ability to will a miracle. Illusions are not real. Only the eternal is real. Miracles are a correction of belief. I see past the illusion. I see God in all. I extend my holy self to all in God's Love," etc.

Sample Affirmations: Within me is the power. The power flows through me. I am the power. The power was given me. The power is mine. Miracles are natural. There is no degree to miracles. I am a miracle. Life is a miracle. I appreciate the miracle. I live in grace. I am humble I am that I am. The I AM presence is in me.

To Order Inner Talk Products®

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