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The Healing Power of the Human Voice : Mantras, Chants, and Seed Sounds for Health and Harmony

Book Description: A complete introduction to using the sounds of the voice to promote healing

  • Explains the emotional meanings and healing attributes of human vocal expression, from vowels and consonants to natural sounds such as laughter or sighs
  • Includes easy-to-follow vocal and breathing exercises
  • Contains chants and mantras from cultures around the world

As infants and children we use our vocalizations to express our needs and emotions. As we grow older these vocalizations become confined to language. The suppression of emotional sounds because they may be considered childish or undignified is quite commonplace in Western cultures. Yet when done with vigor, the sounds made by laughing, groaning, humming, keening, and sighing hold within them great power for healing.

In The Healing Power of the Human Voice James D'Angelo introduces the concepts behind sound healing and provides simple, practical exercises for beginners. He explains in detail the meanings and healing attributes of the whole range of human vocal expression, from vowels and consonants to the natural sounds of laughter or sighs. He praises the power of singing and reveals the ways in which group singing can contribute to physical and mental health. He also presents authentic classical chants and mantras from cultures around the world and shows how we can combine various vocal sounds to form our own mantra to help clear chakra blockages. All of the sounds discussed, as well as the techniques for producing overtones, are placed in a ritualized context and are accompanied by simple movements to enhance tuning the body toward inner harmony, health, and peace.

The Yoga of Sound : Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant

Description: Largely unknown in the West, yet developing alongside the popular form of Hatha Yoga that has swept the world, the Yoga of Sound is a 3,500-year-old spiritual system for reducing stress and maintaining health. Like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the Yoga of Sound offers potent sources of energy in the form of sonic formulae called mantras, or sacred chant. In this book and accompanying CD, musician and teacher Russill Paul explores the four powerful streams of this system: mantras (sound), mudras (sacred gestures), pranayama (breath control), and dhyana (meditation). Like his award-winning music, Russill Paul’s presentation of this ancient tradition makes it accessible for modern Western tastes and lifestyles. In lucid exercises presented both in the book and the CD, Russill shows how everyone can learn the art of mantra simply by training the voice. He shows how these practices can help reduce stress, enhance emotional well-being, and optimize the body’s energy flow.

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Healing Mantras : Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power, Creativity, and Healing

Book Description: "Sound is more than simply a medium of artistic expression. Sound has practical and powerful applications in the real world."

Mantras, or simple chants, are short phrases packed with energy and intention--specifically designed to generate powerful sound waves that promote healing, insight, creativity, and spiritual growth. Healing Mantras is the practical, how-to guide that makes the strengths and benefits of mantras available to everyone. The transformative power of sound has been passed down to the present from the sages of India, the classical scientists of ancient Greece, and the medieval monks of Europe. Mantras, sounds, and chants have inspired, comforted, and mended the lives of individuals, religious orders, and even entire cultures. Even though the science and discipline of chanting and formal prayer are practiced in every religion around the world, this is the first time that ancient Sanskrit mantras have been explained and adapted to Western needs.

One of the few Western experts in Hindu and Buddhist mantras, Thomas Ashley-Farrand has practiced mantra-based spiritual disciplines for twenty-five years. In this illuminating book, he explains how and why mantras work and shows how to use them for everything from controlling habits to overcoming fear, from curing specific ailments to finding inner peace. In each of the more than fifty mantras, all translated from the original Sanskrit, Ashley-Farrand unlocks the power of every word, explains its appropriate application, and tells you how to pronounce it in easy-to-follow phonetic symbols. Inside, you'll find mantras for

- Health - Worldly Success - Habit Control - Protection - Grief - Anger - Controlling Fear - Personal Attraction - Wisdom - Concentration and Mental Clarity - Healing Life Issues - and more!

These mantras can be repeated aloud or in silence and can be used by people of any religion or spiritual practice, "as you wash dishes, as you drive on the freeway, as you meditate, or as you cook." Sound can help and sound can heal, and Healing Mantras now makes this sound medicine available to everyone.

Thomas Ashley - Farrand's Healing Mantras: Learn Sound Affirmations for Spiritual Growth, Creativity, and Healing (Audio CD)

Description: Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s Healing Mantras Thomas Ashley-Farrand Mantras are sacred sound syllables from the Vedic tradition. For thousands of years, they have been used to promote inner healing, spiritual development, and beneficial effects in the world around us. Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s Healing Mantras CD gives listeners access to more than 20 mantras, and teaches how to intone them with perfect precision (a key to their effectiveness). Covers the theory, origins, pronunciation, and practical applications of mantra practice. Detailed study guide included.

Shakti Mantras : Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within

Book Description: Now, with Shakti Mantras, we can all benefit from this ancient practice. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, a Vedic priest, is an American expert in the intricacies of Sanskrit mantra. With nearly thirty years and thousands of hours of experience in chanting, he is supremely well-equipped to write the first book that teaches women (and men as well) to tap into the dynamic feminine energy of love in all its manifestations. By sharing enchanting Hindu myths and astonishing true stories from his own practice, Ashley-Farrand helps us to understand the real power that this age-old art awakens in those who perform it. Through dozens of actual mantras–each one presented with phonetic spelling for easy pronunciation and recommendations for specific applications–he enables us to increase our “shakti” (power) and use it to solve problems, ensure abundance, create health and well-being, summon protection, and invoke personal and universal peace.

Whether you’re new to chanting or an old hand, Shakti Mantras will take you places you’ve never been before . . . and measurably enrich your life.

Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

From the Publisher: According to the Vedic tradition, the term "abundance" applies to every dimension of our lives, from material wealth to spiritual sustenance and growth. With Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance, you are invited to engage the practice of sacred sound to invite positive changes in your finances, your career, your creative pursuits, and your search for inner wisdom. Mantras, teaches Thomas Ashley-Farrand, are highly evolved sound formulas first developed in ancient India that can influence the subtle energies both around us and within us. Now, with a leading teacher of the tradition, you will learn to use 20 classic mantras created specifically to remove hidden obstacles and open the doorways to more materially and spiritually favorable conditions. These sacred sound chants require only a few minutes per session. Try them for 40 days (the traditional amount of time required to achieve their desired effects)-and be prepared to observe the beneficial changes that lie ahead! Complete with printed reference guide.

Mantra Meditation for Physical Health [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

Description: Our very bodies are made of energy, and this energy can be rejuvenated through the power and vibration of sound, bringing alignment to both body and mind. Mantra Meditation for Physical Health teaches you specific sacred sound practices to strengthen natural healing potential and prevent disease and illness. Through clear, guided instruction, you will use mantras to promote better health by clearing energy blockages and drawing in prana, the vital essence of the universe.

Mantra Meditation for Attracting Relationships: A 40-Day Program Using the Power of Sacred Sound [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

Description: What if you could use sacred sound syllables to bring love into your life? On Mantra Meditation for Attracting and Healing Relationships, Thomas Ashley-Farrand teaches how to use mantras to discover intimacy, create spiritual partnerships, and either repair existing relationships or open up to new ones. Try these simple chants just once or twice a day, and see how powerfully this ancient practice can change the way you connect with others.

Mantras for Releasing Fear: Sacred Chants from India (Audio CD)

Description: Four authentic chants to alleviate fear and activate peaceful inner states. These sacred chants are intended to subtly unblock rigid thought patterns and redistribute life force among the body’s chakra centers. Simply allow these sacred sounds to wash over you to experience their calming effects. With Shri Dileepji Pathak.

Mantras for Abundance: Sacred Chants to Attract Health, Love, and Fulfillment into Your Life (Audio CD)

Description: For more than 5,000 years, the science of kundalini maha yoga has identified specific sound syllables for influencing the links between our internal and external conditions. On Mantras for Abundance, Shri Anandi Ma, a respected master of this lineage, chants specific mantras intended to help attract abundance in matters of personal relationship, material sustenance, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment. Simply listening to these chants is said to effect change by restoring the flow of prana (vital energy) between the body and its surrounding environment. With Dileepji Pathak, accompanied by tamboura, flute, and violin.

Sounds of Tantra : Mantra Meditation Techniques from Tools for Tantra [ABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

Description: In Sounds of Tantra, Harish Johari demonstrates the correct intonation of mantras, or words of power, that are used when meditating on the beautiful geometric paintings of yantras. In the Indian Vedic tradition, regular chanting or listening to these mantras is considered a potent means of bringing about specific effects, including the removal of obstacles, attainment of wealth, increase of love, and freedom from fear of death. These sounds also produce excellent health benefits. This two-CD set is a useful companion to Johari’s book Tools for Tantra and also can be used as a background for meditation.

The Mantra Book : Chant Your Way to Health, Wealth and Serenity

Book Description: This book explains how to meditate with mantras. Think of it as a kind of Feng Shui--the Buddhist way to position the mind and voice in harmony to bring real, lasting physical and spiritual benefits.

Mantras: Words of Power (Paperback) Book Description: In Mantras: Words of Power, Swami Sivananda Radha shows how to use Mantra—the power of sound—to discover and direct a vast inner resource of energy and creativity. Beautifully illustrated, the book includes musical notation of the Mantras, meanings of many traditional mantras, the benefits of Mantra practice, and experiences of those who have practiced Mantra. The book also describes how to use these sacred syllables in healing.

Mantras: Words of Power is filled with inspiration and practical wisdom for those who wish to personally experience the power of this ancient practice. Also available are CDs and tapes of Swami Radha chanting the mantras, including Om Namah Sivaya, Hari Om, Mantras: Songs of Yoga, and the Power of Mantras.

Mantra Meditation: Change Your Karma with the Power of Sacred Sound

Book Description: The power of mantras was so great that the Buddha himself was concerned about their misuse in the hands of merchants and generals. Mantras are "sacred sound syllables" that can effect changes to your inner psyche and the external world. Today, Thomas Ashley-Farrand – one of the foremost authorities on Vedic and Buddhist Sanskrit mantras in the West – makes these sacred sounds widely available in a new integrated book-and-CD learning set.

Mantra: Sacred Words of Power (Audio CDs)

Description: In 1978, Thomas Ashley-Farrand traveled to India for the first time, where he astonished the spiritual community there with his perfect command of mantra, the practice of using specific "sacred sound syllables" for spiritual and material transformation. Now, 20 years later, he shares for the first time his mastery of this ancient spiritual art on Mantra: Sacred Words of Power. Here is the first English language audio curriculum that teaches you how to use mantras to enhance the powers of your mind, influence the environment around you, and deepen your spiritual practice.

According to the Vedic tradition of India, the universe was birthed from pure sound. This symphony of vibrational energy continues to unfold at this moment, creating everything that we hear, see, and touch. In 12 fascinating sessions, Thomas Ashley-Farrand teaches you a library of traditional mantras with relevance to every area of your life. From work and health, to love and enlightenment – here are dozens of authentic chants that are used every day by millions of people to activate the energy of creation.

"The power of mantras comes not from the meaning of the syllables," teaches Ashley-Farrand, "but from their direct vibrational effect on our body’s physiological and energetic systems." He also teaches, "Sanskrit is an energy-based language, and mantras are spiritual formulas for working with this energy. They are designed to eliminate obstacles as we progress spiritually, and to help us make energetic progress toward the good." With Mantra: Sacred Words of Power, you can begin practicing these powerful chants to heal and change your own life – with the very first mantra that you chant. Includes a 36-page study guide.

A Beginner's Guide to Mantras: How to Use Sacred Sound to Create Abundance, Health, and Spiritual Insight in Your Life [ABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

Description: Could the simple act of uttering a sacred sound influence the world around us? On The Beginner's Guide to Mantras listeners will learn how to use mantras - India's long-secret tradition of sacred sound syllables - to clear the mind, intensify meditation, remove hidden obstacles, and attract abundance in every arena of life, from careers to relationships to artistic pursuits. Thomas Ashley-Farrand - one of the West's leading authorities on mantras - teaches first-time practitioners how to intone these ancient chants with perfect precision - a key to their effectiveness.

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