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Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism

Book Description: The mystical practice of Huna evolved in isolation on Hawaii, and its ideas are profound yet elegantly simple. The ancient Hawaiians valued words, prayer, their gods, the sacred, the breath, a loving spirit, family ties, the elements of nature, and mana - the vital life force. This book presents Huna as both a venerated, ancient philosophy and a magnificently modern guide to spiritual living.

Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way

Book Description: Kahuna healing methods to become aware of hidden aspects of our consciousness.

The Kahuna Way to Create the Future

From the Author: My life and my love for my husband and my work are a blessing, and I thank my lucky stars everyday. Each morning, I envision my heart's desire and point my being in that direction. Breathing methods based on ancient Hawaiian huna secrets sets my book, The Kahuna Way to Create the Future, apart from other self-help books. These time-tested deep breathing techniques really work to pull in mana, the universal life force that empowers us to manifest the future we dream of.

Urban Shaman

Rev. Jeff says: The first book I ever read on Huna and still one of my favorites. If you're new to Huna or want a refresher, this is the one to buy.

Huna: A Beginner's Guide

Book Description: Centuries ago, the Kahuna, the ancient Hawaiian miracle workers, discovered the fundamental pattern of energy-flow in the Universe. Their secrets of psychic and intra-psychic communication, refined and enriched by modern scientific research, are now revealed in this practical, readable book. Learn to talk directly to your own unconscious selves and others'. It could change your life., 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"

The Heart of Huna

Rev. Jeff says: Another good introduction to Huna.

Essential Huna: Discovering and Integrating Your Three Selves

Book Description: Essential Huna is an inspiring and practical manual for self-discovery. You will return to this book again and again. Macdonald leads you on an exciting journey to discover your three Selves as understood by the ancient priests of Hawaii. She gives you practical tools for integrating your true mental, emotional, and spiritual natures to become whole. In the process, learn how to develop your intuition, generate energy (mana) and make effective and powerful prayers. You will gain new insights in human behavior and learn how ancient wisdom is essential to modern living.

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