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I am constantly being asked questions about spiritual topics---and I love to answer those questions! I finally decided to set up a webpage where I could post questions and answers, so that anyone who was interested might benefit.

I have been on a spiritual path for 25 years now. During that time, I have explored a large variety of different spiritual beliefs, practices and traditions from around the world. I am also an avid reader---my library of spiritually-based books is larger than most bookstores! (I ran out of places to put books years ago. They're everywhere in my home.)

I would love to share the knowledge I haved gained during this time with anyone and everyone who is interested. I might not have the answer to every question--and I have no problem telling you if I don't know something. But, I am happy to share what I do know.

What kind of questions can you ask? Well, anything you want---as long as it relates to a spiritual/methaphysical topic. And, please don't ask personal questions for me to answer using my psychic ability. Some possible topics could include questions about: Angels, Spirit Guides, auras, meditation, animal totems, signs, omens, dreams, personal experiences, channeling, ghosts, the afterlife, and so on.

So, if you've got a question about something spiritual/metaphysical, just click on the "Ask Rev. Jeff" link below. A new window will pop up providing you with a form to ask your question.

I will answer questions as soon as I can. All questions and my responses will be placed on this webpage for everyone to see. And rest assured, your name and email address will never be posted---just your question and my answer.


Questions and answers from Rev. Jeff
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Question: Does everyone have an aura?

Rev. Jeff answers: Yes, every person has an aura. But, not only does every person have an aura, but all things have an aura. All living things (people, animals, plants, etc.) have an aura that changes and fluctuates. Non-living things (stones, water, crystals, etc.) have a fixed aura.

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Question: I have been involved in an ongiong process of forgiving my mother for events throughout my life such as saying horribly hurtful things, looking the other way when my father physically (not sexually) and emotionally abused me, using me (and my siblings) to craft an image of a long-suffering martyr/victim, lying to and about us, etc. I have kept up a constant process of forgiveness for years now, understanding that forgiveness is a process. Trouble is, my mother's actions have not changed. How do I achieve forgiveness for her spiritual benefit and mine while she continues to operate in the same manner?

Rev. Jeff answers:You cannot achieve forgiveness for her spiritual benefit. Only she can change her actions and behavior. There is nothing that you can do to change her, she must do this herself. If it is in her Soul's plan for this lifetime to understand and practice forgiveness, to be a more loving and compassionate person and to make ammends for past actions, then she will do so. You are not in charge of her spiritual path, she is. All that you can do is to work on yourself, your own spiritual path. If you choose to practice the art of forgiveness and compassion, then you should do so without attachment to the outcome. Do it because you want to advance spiritually, because you want to operate from a point of love and compassion. It may help to understand that each person is doing the best they can with what they have to work with in this lifetime. We are each only playing out the roles that we chose for ourselves. Forgiveness is a process, but it is not a process that can change another person and it is not meant to do that. It is meant to create inner change.

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Question: I recently purchased one of your 7 Day Crystal Meditation Kits and I am so pleased. The results have been quite dramatic and I am just on my second day. My question is this, I seem to resonate very closely with the Apophyllite. So much so that I feel like just stopping and working with that one stone for a few days. When I sat with the Apophyllite I actually felt my crown chakra open up.Should I proceed in this direction or finish the seven days and go back?

Rev. Jeff answers: It is perfectly fine to stop the process and to work with the Apophyllite for a few days, if that is what you are feeling drawn to do. It is your option---you can either stop and just meditate with the Apophyllite for a few days and then resume the rest of the meditations or you can go on and complete the meditations and when you are finished, go back and work more with the Apophyllite. Either way will work and neither is better. The 7-day meditation is a 7-day process, but it can be stopped and restarted. I feel that it is best to follow your "instinct" and intuition on this. If you feel drawn to stop and work with this one crystal, then do so. But, also know, that if you did decide to finish the process and then go back to the Apophyllite afterward, you would not lose this connection you feel with it now. The connection with it is made, it wouldn't be broken because you went on to complete the meditation first. Follow what you feel--this is always the best path.

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Question: What is a good method to get in contact with an ascended master?

Rev. Jeff answers: Probably the easiest way to connect with an Ascended Master is through automatic writing or inspirational writing. There are other methods like channeling, but they require more training and experience. It is important, if you are going to attempt this, to learn to do a grounding exercise and also to do some sort of psychic protection. Definitely surround yourself with the Light. It would also be beneficial to know how to open the chakras, as opening the Crown Chakra would help to initiate contact with the Higher Realms. It would be good to pick a certain day and time and space, and keep this appointment consistently. This shows that you are sincere about your desire to make contact and creates "sacred space." You may also want to light a white candle, as this will raise the vibration of the area surrounding you and serves as sort of a "beacon." You should have in your mind the name of the particular Master that you wish to contact. In fact, if you can obtain a picture of the Master, you can also place that before you to faciliate contact. Have paper and pen ready to write with. Then, spend a few moments in meditation. Imagine the Light surrounding you, flowing through you. See your Crown Chakra opening and a column of Light descending from the Heavens into your Crown Chakra, connecting you with the Higher Realms of Light and Love. Send your thoughts up this column and ask to communicate with the Ascended Master you have chosen. Ask this Master to communicate with you mentally. After a few moments, write down a question. From there on, just write what you receive, write whatever you feel you are receiving. In the beginning, do not worry about if this is just your imagination or you are making it all up. It may be your imagination at first, but imagination is actually the gateway to a real experience and real connection. Write questions and then write the answers you receive. When you are done, make sure to thank the Master for joining you and for their time. Close your Crown Chakra and spend a few moments coming back to "normal" awareness.

Contact with the Ascended Masters can be made in this way. It is important to protect oneself, to align yourself with the Light and to raise your vibration as much as possible, in order to assure that you are connected with only the highest sources. You will know if you have achieved connection through the material that comes through you. If you receive messages that are positive and uplifting, that have some value to your life and life experience, that answer your questions and inspire you, give you hope and faith, enlighten you, then you have made good contact. If you receive information that is negative, makes you feel bad, criticizes you or condemns you, tells you to behave foolishly and so on, then you have not made contact with the highest sources.

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Question: How can I shield myself from the negativity of other people?

Rev. Jeff answers: There are several things you can work with to protect yourself. (1) One thing you can do is to surround yourself with the White Light. This provides protection and also strengthens the aura, which is your natural protection from outside influences. Sit with your back straight and imagine that a beam of White Light is coming down from the Universe and enters your Crown Chakra (the energy center at the top or crown of the head). Let this White Light flow through the crown and into the body. Imagine the White Light flowing through your entire body, from head to toe. Then, imagine it gathering at your Heart Chakra (this energy center is located in the middle of the chest). Let the Light gather there and then imagine it flowing out of the Heart Chakra area and let this White Light surround your entire physical body. Imagine that it flows around you, at a distance of about 3 feet away from your body. See it like a giant egg shape of White Light. It surrounds you completely---top, bottom, front and back. You can say, "The White Light surrounds and protects me. Nothing negative may enter the Light." Just sit for a few moments and see this cocoon of White Light surrounding you and know that it protects you. (2) Imagine/visualize that there is a red brick wall of protection between you and negative people. (3) After you surround yourself with White Light, you can also visualize that there are mirrors all over the egg of protection, facing out. These mirrors reflect all negative vibration back to their source. (4) There are several crystals/stones that you can wear or carry to help absorb negative vibrations. Apache Tears and Obsidian are two of the best stones for this purpose.

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Question: I am trying to open myself up more to receiving guidance from the Universe through meditating. Are there any possible blocks that can keep a person from receiving guidance while in a state of meditation?

Rev. Jeff answers:The biggest block that we have is our own beliefs and fears. Truly, we are always connected to the Universe. But, sometimes conscious or unconscious beliefs and fears can block us from receiving guidance. One thing that you can do is to sit down and call upon your Angels. Ask them to remove any fears or blocks that prevent you from receiving guidance. The other thing to understand is that everything is vibration. Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters operate at a much, much higher vibrational frequency than we do. In order to connect with these higher forces more clearly, it is necessary for us to raise our vibration. Many things determine our vibrational frequency---thoughts, beliefs, fears, diet, exercise and so on. Meditation is one sure way to increase your vibration. When we become quiet, enter the silence, we create a more clear connection, and we are better able to receive guidance. One last thing to remember is that guidance may come in many different ways. So, it is important to release our expectations of how we will receive guidance. It may not come in a vision. It may not come through a booming voice. There are many subtle ways in which we can receive. (My article on signs/omens explains some of the ways in which we may receive guidance. You can read it here: .) And, sometimes you may not receive guidance as you are meditating. It may come later on, when you least expect it. Just keep on meditating and be open, without expectation. In time, your connection will grow.

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Question: What is going on when for no apparent reason you are consumed with thoughts about a person whom you have not thought about much for awhile?

Rev. Jeff answers: This could happen for several reasons. (1) Everyone has psychic senses. Some people are born with this ability more "open" than others. And, some people choose to develop this ability on their own. Regardless, everyone experiences psychic pheonomena throughout their lives, whether they realize it or not. So, one explanation can be that you are "tuning in" to that person on a psychic level. It could be that something intense is going on with that person and you are sensing it. And, sometimes, it is a kind of "precognition." You start to have thoughts about a person soon before you see them or hear from them. (2) This could also happen because a person represents a particular lesson, emotion, challenge or pivotal point in your lifepath. Your subconscious or Higher Self is bringing you thoughts of this person not to remind you of that person, but rather to remind you of something that you learned (or should have learned) from your interaction with that person. (Just as an example---I have had clients who go through a long learning process concerning relationships and choosing the "wrong" person to be with. When they have finally learned what they needed from these "bad" relationships, have healed and are ready for the "right" one to enter their life, all of a sudden they bump into all of their past "bad" partners. This happens as sort of a final cleansing. They bump into all the people that were wrong for them, because they are on the path to meeting someone who is right for them, and these chance meetings are just sort of confirmation. It's like Spirit saying, "Here's what you're not looking for, don't forget.") Of course, that's just one example. Following the line of thought that the person represents something you need to remember or think about, it could mean many things. (Just as another example, maybe this person is a really good father and you are being nudged to remember to be more understanding with your kids or with your own father.) (3) If the person you are thinking of was someone you had a close relationship with, especially a romantic relationship, it could be that when the relationship ended, you did not completely heal or let go. Some feeling may have been tucked deep inside, in the subconscious. Thinking repeatedly of the person now is a signal that it is time to complete the process, to heal, to fully let go of that person.

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Question: What are the Akashic Records and how can I access them?

Rev. Jeff answers: The Akashic Records (sometimes called the Hall of Records) are a storehouse of information. Consider it a vast library, containing all information on every person who has every lived on Earth and every event that has taken place at any time in the whole history of our world. It records every thought, word, action and deed. Recorded in this library is all the information about our world and everyone in it---past, present and future. Because this library exists in the ethers (the name "Akashic" comes from the Sanskrit word "akasha" which means the etheric realms), it is not constrained by linear time, as we are here on earth. So, all information---past, present and future is stored there. Each person has what could be called a "Book of Life" in the Akashic Records. This book contains all information about your current lifetime---past, present and future--as well as all of your previous lifetimes and your unfolding future. Edgar Cayce, the famous prophet, wrote about the Akashic Records, so you may also want to read his material on the subject.

You can certainly try to access the Akashic Records yourself. You can attempt this through a guided visualization. Enter meditation and relax completely. Surround yourself with the White Light. Then, imagine that you are climbing a beautiful staircase into the heavens. Climb each stair and feel yourself going higher and higher, into the ethers. With each step, you are raising your vibration higher and higher. When you reach the top of the staircase, imagine large, ornate doors. This is the doorway leading into the Hall of Records. Open the doors and step through. See before you a vast library, which seems to go on forever. Then, notice that a hooded figure approaches you. This is the Keeper of the Hall of Records. You must ask this Keeper for the volume you would like to see or the information you are looking for. (For example, "Keeper of the Hall of Records, please show me my own Book of Life.") The Keeper will disappear and return with the book that you have requested. You may then open it and look at any part of it you wish. There are parts that you may not be able to see, if the information would interfere with your current lifetime and growth. When you are finished, hand the book back to the Keeper and say thank you. Go out the doors you first entered and return down the staircase to your "normal" environment.

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Question: What is Hoodoo?

Rev. Jeff answers: Hoodoo is a system of folk magick that originated in the Southern United States. It is a combination of African religion and folklore brought to this continent by the slaves, combined with Western European magickal traditions and Native American herbal knowledge.

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Question: How do we know if we are doing well on our spiritual path? Am I doing well and with the religion we have chosen and god father/mother and spritual father etc, is this right path, and am I doing well enough to be a spiritual being and not have to come back again?

Rev. Jeff answers: If you are doing well on your chosen spiritual path, then you will feel lighter and happier. You will start to find inner peace. You will become more filled with Light. Your consciousness will raise. You will feel a connection with Father/Mother God/Creator/All That Is. You will realize that you are part of the Whole, that God resides within you, as you. If your path lifts you up and enhances your lifetime, it is a good path. When a person reaches self-realization or enlightenment, then they no longer are bound to the wheel of reincarnation and do not have to return. However, some who have already ascended or have reached enlightenment do choose to return to the Earth Plane, in order to assist others.

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Question: How do we discover our past lives?

Rev. Jeff answers: The most common method has been regression through hypnosis. Sometimes, a good psychic can reveal some of your past life information, as well. And, there can be clues, too. For instance: - If there is something that really interests you, it could relate to a past life. As an example, if you are just drawn to all things Egyptian, it might indicate a past life there. - If you go to a place you've never been and you feel very comfortable, sometimes even feeling like you know your way around, this could indicate that you have lived in that area before. - When you read about a subject or start to learn about something new and the information just "clicks" with you and seems almost familiar, this could indicate that you already know this information and you are "re-learning" it in this lifetime.

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Question:I tried to do an astrological report for my niece. The computer said that she had to be at least 7 years. Do you have any idea why she would have to be this age?

Rev. Jeff answers: I am not an astrologer and I don't know a lot about astrology. However, it seems that this may just be a problem with the software you are using. A person's chart is created the minute they are born, so there should be no reason why a chart can't be created for someone that is under the age of 7. In fact, I know people who have had charts made for their babies.

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Question:Why would a person or people wish to astral project?

Rev. Jeff answers: There are many reasons people choose to do this: accessing the Akashic records, meeting up with Spirit Guides, exploring other places or dimensions, traveling into the past or the future, seeking higher knowledge and so forth. Basically, it gives a person the ability to leave the body, at will and explore the Universe. The physical body is limited to this dimension and the experience of the earth plane. The astral body is not limited in this way and can go anywhere at any time.

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Question: Is there any way get an "early release" from bad karma carried over from othe lifetimes?

Rev. Jeff answers: There is no real way to get an "early release" from karma. Past karma needs to be worked out, either in this lifetime or a future lifetime. The best practice is to live one's life according to spiritual principles, so that you do not incur more karma, or at least, try not to. And, try to gain good karma in this lifetime, by offering selfless service ("seva"). Having said this, I have come across a spiritual teacher who teaches a mantra for karma. Sri Siva teaches that the mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam (pronounced "Tee-Ru Nee-La Kan-Tam) has the ability to diffuse karma. He does not specifically say that this will release you from karma from past lifetimes, but he does say that this is a "karma-busting mantra" and that it diffuses karma. He recommends that you chant this mantra out loud or silently for 3 minutes, everyday after rising.

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Question:When you speak to the angels (communicate with them) do you do this outloud? When they talk back to you,do they speak in a voice as humans do? How do you hear their voices? I wrote to you a couple years ago teling you,that I find pennies almost every day outside (mostly by my car,on the sidewalk) I have found,propably close to 200 pennies so far (most of the time I find them one at the time) That's a lot of pennies, that means that's how many times they have come to me!!! I know it's the angels!! I asked them..why all the pennies but I get no answers?? How do I hear them?? I know how to talk to them, same way I talk to you right now. I just don't know how to get an answer from them? I have no doubt that the angels have been very close to me for the past two years. How do I hear their voices? I would just love with all my heart to be able to hear them talk to me!!!!

Rev. Jeff answers:When you speak to the Angels, you can do this out loud or just in your mind. (I find a good practice is to state one time, "Dear Angels, I now give you permission to listen to all of my thoughts, for this entire lifetime." That way, you know that they can always hear you, even if you don't speak out loud.)

When the Angels respond to you, it can be in many different ways. There is no one "right" way to receive guidance from the Angels. A person may never "hear" the Angels, like you would hear me or someone else speaking to you. If a person's psychic abilities are open to any degree, then sure he or she might hear the Angels through clairaudience or see the Angels through clairvoyance. But, most people will never hear or see an Angel. The Angels can answer you in many different ways. Don't get so caught up thinking that you must actually hear them or see them to get your answer. They probably are answering you, but you are missing it, because you are looking too hard for something really obvious or waiting for a booming voice from the heavens. The Angels can be very subtle. I explain many of the different ways that Angels communicate with us in my Angel Class Book. You can also click here and read this article which talks about some of the ways Angels can communicate with you.

If you really want to hear your Angels, you may sit down and meditate and ask your Angels to come and clear out your clairaudient channels. (These are psychic centers located above each ear). Tell them that you would like to hear them speak to you and ask them to remove any blocks or fears from your clairaudient centers which prevent you from hearing clairaudiently. Then, just sit and let them do this cleaning. There is no guarantee that you will hear Angels after this, but it is a method you can try. And, realize, that clairaudience is different from regular hearing. Most clairaudients do not hear voices outside themselves. It is an internal sound, much like the constant chatter that is always going on in the head. It takes a while to discern the difference between clairaudient impressions and your normal internal dialogue.

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Question:I would like to know if there are reiki energy symbols for those who are more western/christian, like the "sign of the cross" or chi-ro(PX) or IHS? I am intrested in reiki as it resonates with my ordination as a catholic/orthodox priest and bishop. Both use transmision/initiation/symbols to transfer energy/grace/empowerment/blessing.

Rev. Jeff answers: There are only four symbols used in the traditional Reiki system (Usui system). There are other symbols used with the different Reiki systems that have sprung up since traditional Reiki was brought to the West (e.g. Karuna, Rainbow, Seichem, etc.). I am not very familiar with these other variations of Reiki, but I don't believe any of them use Christian-based symbols. I don't see any harm in working with symbols that are in line with your personal religious choice, but they are not part of traditional Reiki. I do believe that sacred symbols of any religion or faith do have their own power, so I would suggest experimenting with the symbols that are "powerful" for you, and see what happens.

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Question: Is it true that we are part reptilian due to dna cross breeding and are they living amongst us? And do they intend to take over earth soon?

Rev. Jeff answers: I have heard this, but I am not really familiar with the theory. I do know that some people feel that we all have reptilian DNA. Others speak of another "race" that exists on earth, that has reptilian DNA. Some people link this also to the ancient civilization of Atlantis. I'm sure it's a possibility that we have some reptilian DNA in our genetic coding. However, I do not believe that there is a "reptilian race" out there, waiting to take over earth.

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Question: Who are the guides that walk along side of us? I know that we never walk alone! Are "guides" the same as "angels" or are they different? My guides...will they lead me in the right direction if I ask them? What are they allowed to do for me?

Rev. Jeff answers: You're right. We never walk alone. Each one of us has Angels and Spirit Guides that accompany us throughout our lifetime here. Yes, Angels are different than Spirit Guides. Angels have never had a physical existence. They are beings of a very high vibration, whose purpose is to oversee the Earth, watch and guide humankind. Spirit Guides are beings who have had a physical existence at some point. They are spirits who have chosen to serve those who are still in the body. Each of us has at least one Guardian Angel (usually several), who is with us from the moment we are born, until the time that we leave the body. In addition, we all have Spirit Guides. There is at least one Spirit Guide that is with us throughout our entire lifetime. And, there are other Guides, that come and go as we need them. Your Angels and Guides will try to guide you. But, you must ask for their help, especially Angels. They cannot interfere with our lives, because we have free will. But, they are willing to help as they are able and to guide, if we merely ask. It is important to note that neither Angels nor Guides can "fix" things for us. They will help and guide, but they cannot do things for you. It is always up to the individual to make an effort. Of course, there are methods for contacting Angels and Guides (usually guided meditation), but you can also just speak to them. Just talk to them, daily, whenever you wish, as much as you wish. Ask them for help, ask for guidance, ask for what you need. And, be ready to receive the guidance. Remember, that guidance from Angels and Guides can come in many, many different forms. (For examples of how they try to communicate with us, read this article.

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Question: Steve Irwin the conservation warrior recently passed over from a stingray attack, was his death accidental or was it just time for him to leave this plane? And was Lady Diana's death an accident or made to look like an accident?

Rev. Jeff answers: There are no accidents or "accidental deaths," even though from our sometimes limited perspective, it may seem that way. Before taking on a body, before incarnating, each Soul creates a "blueprint" for the lifetime they are about to experience. This blueprint or "chart" includes their physical features, who their parents will be, the people they will encounter, the types of lessons and challenges they wish to experience, and so on. Included in the blueprint is also the Soul's "exit point" or what we would call "death." Some Souls choose to create several possible exit points. So, everyone's "death" really is charted in some way, in advance. There are no accidents or coincidences---there is only the Divine Plan.

To answer your second question, from what I have felt about this, it was an "accident." I do feel that something(s) may have been changed or altered at the scene, but it was not related to a cover-up or conspiracy.

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Question: My question is about attitude. I've read that while having patience you should also develop a positive attitude and try to do something every day towards your goal. I always found if I thought negatively then I have a better outcome. Should I be thinking about what I want everyday or does that kind of defeat trying to be patient?

Rev. Jeff answers: There is a fine line between being patient, concentrating on one's goal and being "obsessed" or overly focused with a goal. Yes, one should have patience, always. Because, there is Divine Timing involved, and things will happen according to what a person is ready for and what is for their highest good. We can't always see the "bigger picture" and we also have a very limited perspective of "time." In truth, there is no linear time as we experience it here on earth. So, timing to our Angels and Guides, Souls and Spirit is different than what we perceive. And, yes, you should have a positive attitude about what you desire. If you are talking about trying to create, attract or manifest in your life----then yes, you should spend some time focusing on your goal. Daily, if possible. You should repeat positive affirmations, hold thoughts about what you do want. You can also spend time visualizing this thing already being in your life. Add emotion to it, because emotion is very powerful. But, at the same time, let go. Let go of "wanting" for you will only create more wanting. Let go of "needing." Let go and let God, basically. Yes, focus and spend time with your goal---but do not hold attachment to it. That is the key---be focused, hold your intent, but release attachment to the outcome. Sometimes, even though we do the affirmations, visualizations and so on, we still don't get what we think we desire. This is because at the time (or ever), it is not really in our highest good. But, if we don't receive it, then something else will come along, which is more aligned with our highest good. Focus on your goal daily, without attachment. But, if you see that you are constantly blocked from receiving it, then take a step back and re-evaluate. If one door is constantly closed, then choose another.

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Question:It upsets me so much whenever i see donkeys being overworked to the bone all over the world, where they have to carry loads 10 times their weight while being beaten and mistreated, and they do this day in day out. Why do donkeys and other working animals always have it so hard on this planet?

Rev. Jeff answers: These working animals have it so hard and are treated poorly, because there are people who are at a Soul-level in which they do not respect all life. They mistreat animals (and often people as well), because that is the level of spiritual understanding they are currently operating at. They do not yet see that all of life is connected.

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Question:How do we really know if our angels are hearing us to help us follow the right path when we ask for guidance?

Rev. Jeff answers: Your Angels always here you. If you speak to them, they will hear you. Your Guardian Angels are always with you, from the moment you are born, until the time when you leave the physical body. They are always by your side. So, there is no question of whether they hear you or not, they always do. And, they will try to help you and guide you, as they are able. One thing to remember is that they can offer guidance in many different ways. Often, we think we are not receiving any guidance or help, but it is not the case--we simply are not paying enough attention or being aware enough of the guidance being offered. Or, sometimes, we don't really want to hear the answer, because it doesn't match what we want to hear. Also, sometimes the Angels cannot step in and interfere. If offering help would interfere with your personal growth or prevent you from learning something you need to learn, then they will not interfere. They will always help--when they can and as they are able, without imposing on our free will. One thing I have taught is that if you want to make sure your Angels hear you, even when you are just thinking and not speaking, sit calmly and state this one time: "Dear Angels, I now give you permission to hear all of my thoughts, always, for the duration of this lifetime."

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Question: Are there any metaphysical techniques that I can use to deepen my knowledge and wisdom of Mathematics or Statistics?

Rev. Jeff answers: Deep meditation may help you to better understand these subjects. In deep meditation, the creative mind is allowed to come forth more fully and you may have "a-ha!" type moments, where things fall into place and information becomes more clear, a greater understanding of these subjects may come forth. You may want to check out some wonderful brainwave CDs created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. They can help you enter these different states of meditation. The one that comes to mind for the purpose you are seeking would be "Awakened Mind System" and/or "Creative Mind System." You can read a description of "Awakened Mind" and order if you wish by clicking here.

The only other thing I can think of is to learn how to channel. If you became proficient in channeling, you could certainly attempt to channel wisdom and information from personalities who have been masters in this field.

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Question: Do love spells really work or any spells?

Rev. Jeff answers: Yes, spells can work. However, they usually don't work for someone who is just "dabbling" in spellwork, because the person lacks the full knowledge behind spellworking, why they work, the elements of a spell, how to generate energy to make them work and so forth. There are also several things to consider regarding this: One is be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Another is that if a spell is cast in order to "make" someone love you, you are inviting problems, for this is bad karma, as it is geared toward bending someone else's will and manipulation, and that is never a good thing. The third thing to consider is that there are a lot of people out there, especially on the internet who claim to be professional spellcasters or such, that they can cast a spell for you and bring you anything and everything you desire. This is almost always, as far as I have seen, a complete rip-off.

If you (or anyone else for that matter) really want to bring into your life things that you truly desire, you would be much better off in learning the principles of manifestation and attraction. You can attract and manifest all that you desire, but there is a proper process for doing so. If you are interested in this, you should definitely check out The Law of Attraction by Jerry & Esther Hicks and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. These are two wonderful resources on the subject. You can read more about them and order if you wish by clicking here.

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Question: If I bought some crystals, will they work?

Rev. Jeff answers: This is a very good question. Because, so many people think that crystals are "magical" and will just do things for you. So, if you bought a crystal for love, it will just bring love to you. Or, if you have a crystal for wealth, that suddenly the crystal will just bring money to you. Or, if you buy a crystal that is associated with psychic development, that you will instantly become psychic. This is just not the case. Crystals will not "do" anything for you---meaning that they are not like magic lamps, you don't just hold them or carry them or wear them and stuff happens. Crystals enhance energy. Crystals will work with you, they will help you, assist you in bringing forth changes, they will add to the energy you put forth---but they won't just do all the work for you. You have to put in your own effort, too. So, if you hold certain crystals during meditation, they will help enhance meditation. If you carry a crystal that has a love vibration and at the same time work on self-love and bringing love into your life, it will enhance your love vibration and help to bring love to you, and so forth. See them as helpers, like good friends who will help you achieve your goals, but not do it all for you, while you sit back and watch. They can give a boost of energy to what you are already doing.

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Question: Is it necessary to have cleansing and a charka balancing if so how often?

Rev. Jeff answers: Is it necessary---life or death, you must have this or else you're in big trouble, you can't live a fulfilling life without it? No. Of course not. Is it beneficial? Yes, it is. If you are interested in spiritual development or holistic health, then certainly clearing and balancing the chakras is a good thing to do. Blocked or unbalanced chakras can result in physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms. I feel that how often you do such a practice is really up to the individual. If you are doing serious spiritual practices or you are going through something that is physically, mentally or emotionally difficult, you might want to do a chakra balancing every day, as part of a routine. If you just want to do "chakra maintenance," then I think once a week would be fine.

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Question: With doing internet reading how can you do a reading with out taping into some elses energy? There is so much energy in the wave lengths, how will someone know you are doing a reading on them and not just sending a blanked e-mail that applies to that particular question?

Rev. Jeff answers: You can't do an internet or email reading without first tapping into the client's energy. Whether the reading is done in-person, on the phone or through the internet, it is absolutely necessary to tap into the client's energy before conducting the reading. That is what a reading is all about. Connecting with the client's energy field, their Angels, Guides and Soul, and providing information from these sources. When doing a reading in person, a psychic can connect simply by looking at the person, being near them or sometimes by holding the client's hands for a minute. On the phone, you can connect by hearing the client's voice. And, when doing an internet reading, a psychic connects simply through the person's name. In my work, I connect to the individual using their name and location. There is no difference between connecting in-person, on the phone or over the internet, at least in my experience. Energy is energy, it doesn't matter if the person is right in front of you or ten-thousand miles away. It is possible to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And, in my work, I also take time to connect with the person's Angels, Guides and Soul as well as their energy field. To answer the second part of your question---I can only speak for myself, but I take my work very seriously and I would never send a blanket-type response to a person's question. (And, I do know there are so-called "psychics" out there that may do this.) I think a person knows you are reading for them and not giving them a blanket response, simply by the information that they are given. Sometimes, two different people may receive very similar guidance from Spirit, only because they are asking a very similar question or both people need the same type of guidance or need to learn the same type of lesson. But, I have never received exactly the same information for two different people. In my experience, each person's reading is unique, based on the information that they need to hear and receive at the time.

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Question: how do we know that we are receiving real signs and that we aren't manifesting these signs?? i keep receiving signs that are directly related to a guy from my past. how do i know that im not seeing these signs because i want him back in my life? things ended when he went overseas, so it wasn't like we had a falling out--he just said he didn't want to do this long distance!! and we haven't had any contact--for the whole time he has been gone, but i don't feel things are over! so i see the numbers 3, 33, and 333 which all relate to him! i also see his last name everywhere and it isn't a very common name! So i guess my question is is it all in my head or are these real signs not to give up!

Rev. Jeff answers: While I can't address your specific situation directly, because this is not the forum for personal concerns, I will say this: We are given signs by the Universe, the Angels, our Guides and High Selves. But, it is certainly possible to "read into" signs or things we are seeing and try to make them match our desires. And it is also possible that you could "misread" the may think it means that you are meant to get back together in a romantic relationship, but maybe the signs are telling you to contact him for a completely different reason.

If you feel you are receiving signs, then follow them and see what happens. Maybe there is a reason for you to contact him---maybe it is because you are meant to get together, but maybe you are supposed to contact him for another reason altogether. What you can also do is try and contact him and see what happens. Let's say you try and call him, but the phone is always busy, or for some reason your call doesn't go through, or something else happens that blocks your communication---then you will have received a sign, that you aren't meant to communicate.

Also, if you are unsure about the signs you are receiving, then just ask for clarification. Ask God (the Universe, your Angels, your Guides, your High Self, whomever you wish) for clarification. Say, "I am confused by these signs I am receiving. Can you please give me a clear sign? Am I supposed to get in touch with ___ or not?" Then, wait for a sign to clarify the situation. It is possible to interpret signs the way we want them, so if you are confused, always ask for clarification.

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Question: If a psychic lights a candle for the negativly does it work?

Rev. Jeff answers: I think that you are asking if a "psychic" lights a candle to get rid of negativity that is around you, does it work? This is something to be very careful and wary of. There are many people out there, some calling themselves "psychics" or "spiritual advisors" and other names, that just want to take your money. I have come across so many people that have been ripped off by scams like this. The so-called "psychic" will tell you that there is negativity around you, or that you are cursed or that your aura is black or that spells have been put on you. Then, for a FEE, they say they will remove whatever is negative. This is baloney and a scam. These type of people give the rest of us (those of us who do have gifts and are really trying to help people) a bad name.

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Question: Is the crown chakra opening a common experience for most people or does it only open for the most enlightened masters?

Rev. Jeff answers: All chakras can open and close. You can do work with meditations and other methods to open and close and cleanse the chakras. Everyone has the ability to do this. When your crown chakra is open and clear, you will feel a greater connection to All That Is and to your Soul or Higher Self. The difference with enlightened masters is that all of their chakras are open and clear. And, more importantly, the Kundalini energy, which resides at the base of the spine, has risen up through all of the chakras and then to All That Is, creating a permanent connection. All of their chakras are always open and clear and they are in a state of bliss, of always being connected to the Source. There is a difference between someone who works to open and close the chakras and someone who has reached the stage/state of enlightenment, where there is self-realization. So, anyone's crown chakra, like any other chakra, can open. But, it usually doesn't stay open.

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Question: What does it mean when you find pennies everywhere. The home, outside your front door, in and around your car. I just relocated 1500 miles from home and I find these pennies every day.

Rev. Jeff answers: This happens to many people. In fact, this happens to me, as well. This is your Angels trying to reach out to you. They want you to know that they are with you. They want you to know that you can speak to them and ask for assistance and guidance. It is a way for them to say, "Hi!" I don't know if your recent relocation was stressful, or this has been a stressful period of your life, but maybe your Angels feel that you need them right now. In any case, they are reaching out to let you know they are with you.

Question: I've noticed an increase in my clairvoyance abilities since I started attending the church I'm at now. What would be a spiritual explanation for this?

Rev. Jeff answers: I feel that the reason behind this is simply that you are raising your vibration and opening up more spiritually. I would assume that attending this church makes you feel good and that you connect with it. You are in a spiritual atmosphere---and if you are open to it and enjoying it, then your vibration will be raised. And, as a result, abilties that you already have or are working on will grow and expand even more. It's all about vibration and the vibrations you surround yourself with. Just as an example, when I used to attend the Spiritualist Church, during the service many spiritual hymns were sung. This was done in order to raise the vibration of the room and the people attending, so that at the end of the service, when the church mediums would deliver messages, the vibration would be higher and people would be open to receiving.

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Question: I experienced something that i just can't figure out. It is normal for me to light candels and play music DVD's of many different artist i enjoy, and this night was like all others. I did however, on this night, for reasons i don't know, decide to take deep breaths and place my fingers in a yoga position. I have listened to this one DVD many times and love the artist,but should point out he is not someone i find attractive.. I was so relaxed and at peace, then it happened! The camera showed a real close view of his face, and i looked into his eyes, and memeries of him shot into me.. Not the 'shell' of him, but of his eyes, his soul..Then, in the center of my chest, this white light of pure love and peace erupted. Spinning energy incased the white light, and all of a sudden, knowlege (i think) began to pore into me from the energy around the white light, What i felt was every step i have every taken in this life, and all my lives before, and this man was with me in those lives. I've looked all over the web, and can't get the answers, i need to grasp this. I consider myself to be spiritual, and follow Tao Te Ching, but by no means did i think i was a person that could produce the state i produced that night.. or did i? Was it god working through me to help me understand why i 'knew' this artist singing, when i saw our connection? I've read of Twin Souls.. could he be mine? Your my last hope..Please help me understand how such a profound experience could happen to me.

Rev. Jeff answers: What I feel happened is that you had a spiritual "awakening" or "opening" while watching the DVD. I don't know what "mudra" (yoga position of the hands) you were doing, but this may have contributed to this awakening. You say that the white light and feeling of pure love and peace erupted from the center of your chest. This would be an opening of the heart chakra. All of our past life memories are held within the chakras. On this particular night, you were just ready for an opening, it was just the right time. And, probably the deep breathing, the yoga hand position and the DVD contributed to the opening. I do not feel that this man is necessarily someone that you are supposed to connect with and be with in this lifetime. But, you were given the understanding of past lives together, so you could comprehend why you "knew" this artist. In this lifetime especially, we are constantly meeting Souls that we have shared past lives with. In fact, some spiritual teachers have stated that everyone we meet in this lifetime, we have known in a previous life, in one way or another. Some people we meet now, we have had very minor interactions with in past lives. But, there are others we will come across, that we feel we have some "connection" with or we feel we "know" them in some way. Those are Souls with whom we shared a more intimate or close relationship in a past life. I feel that you had an opening of the Heart Center or chakra, that past-life information came through and that you felt your connection with this person. But, it is important to understand also that just because a past-life connection is felt, it does not necessarily mean that the two Souls are meant to come together again in the current lifetime---unless other things occur to lead you in that direction.

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Question: My husband has a back injury & larnyx injury along with being extremely stressed out over our construction business. Can I request physical & emotional spiritual healing for someone else or do they have to request it themselves?

Rev. Jeff answers: Of course, the best way is for a person to ask for healing themselves. But, you can certainly request healing on behalf of someone else. Healing will be sent---and it will be up to that person's Soul, whether or not the healing is accepted.

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Question: Rev. Jeff, is there a meaning behind seeing a nautilus shell? I have been seeing a nautilus shell popping up all around me for about a year now --t.v., internet, books, brochures, etc. I feel it's a sign, but don't know what it means for my life.

Rev. Jeff answers: The nautilus is representative of the spiral, which is a very spiritual shape or symbol. It wouldn't be possible to go into all of the meaning behind the spiral here. But, if you do a search on "spiral" and spiritual meaning, you will find lots of information. In terms of the nautilus specifically, the nautilus is a seashell in the shape of a spiral. It consists of a series of ever-larger chambers. The creature inside lives in one chamber at a time, and as it outgrows each chamber, it moves to the next. It speaks to us of our own life cycles. So, I feel that this symbol is guiding you to grow and expand yourself. Evolve. Don't remain how you are, always seek to learn more, grow more, be more. Do not go back to who you were. Do not remain who you are. Because, then there is no growth. Just as the nautilus creature must grow and expand, moving on to the new chambers, or it will perish. So, too, you must continue to grow, not remain as you are, or else you will be stagnant. And, this also relates to spiritual growth as well. Explore your spirituality, your spiritual path.

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Question: You`ve mentioned books on symbolism or books on animal symbolism. Could you be so kind to tell me where I can get those books or is there a site that I can go to.

Rev. Jeff answers: As far as symbols go---I do recommend that you create your own "dictionary" or journal of symbols. Because, a symbol could have one meaning for you and a completely different meaning for me or someone else. For example, to me the symbol of a "dog" could mean something like friendship or being loyal to me. But, if you have had a different/negative experience with dogs in your life, seeing a "dog" symbol could mean fear or the need to "watch out" or be careful or even perhaps that someone is trying to "attack" you. So, it is important to think of what a symbol means to you. (This is why I don't believe that dream dictionaries are very helpful---because they give very broad and general descriptions of what symbols in dreams could mean. But, it could mean something totally different for you.)

Having said that, there are some symbols which are considered "universal," meaning that pretty much they mean the same thing to everyone. Like a "stop sign" for instance. When most people see a stop sign, they know that it means "stop" or "don't proceed."

If you want to explore symbols, I would suggest first going to your local library and asking for books on symbols. (Of course, you can always do a search for "symbols" on Amazon, but I suggest seeing what the library has first.) There are a few out there. I have found, from my own experience, that usually these books aren't too helpful, though. One book that you might want to check out is "The Secret Language of Signs" by Denise Linn, which is a dictionary of signs. This is the only book I can think of at this time that is the sort of thing I think you are looking for. As far as animals go---you might want to look at "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrew or "Animal Totems: The Power and Prophecy of Your Animal Guides" by Millie Gemondo.

There are some websites where you can find information on animal totems/symbolism. Here are a couple: Sayahda, Crystalinks Animal Totems.

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Question: I have been feeling pressure on my forehead and top of my head, it is a gentle pressure. Is it my spirit guide or holy spirit contacting me? I have for quite a while now trying to contact and meditate to receive spiritual help and guidance.

Rev. Jeff answers: This could be one of two things or both. Feeling pressure in those two areas could be that your psychic centers there are beginning to open (the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.). Sometimes, when a person's chakras are opening (on purpose or just by accident) or trying to open, there will be some pressure. In that case, you may want to do some work on your chakra system. There are good books and CDs out there that can take you through the process of opening, clearing and balancing the chakras. But, if you feel this pressure while you are sitting and trying to contact your guides, then it could be the guides giving you a physical sign of their presence. However, if that is the case, usually you would feel something and then it would go away. Like a guide might tap you on the forehead, once, to let you know of her/his presence. If it is a continuous pressure (it lasts), then I don't feel it would be guides or Spirit. More likely, you are opening up the higher centers. And, of course, that can be a prelude to contact with your guides and Spirit. Don't try too hard----the harder you try, the farther away you will get from receiving contact with guides. It is very subtle and gentle. Don't push. Follow a specific method for contact and stick with it. And, also know that guides, Angels and Spirit can give you guidance in many different ways---you may already be receiving it, but don't realize it. If you haven't read it, you might want to read my article on this, click here.

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Question: Why am I finding 11 cents all the time? (a dime and a penny) they are together when I find them. This past month, about 10 times now. I'm just so shocked, I don't know what to think? I find lots of pennies all the time but never 11 cents like that. I always knew that the pennies came from the angels so I'm okay with that but then all of sudden..a dime and a penny together at the same place. Some of these dimes and pennies are soo old,I have no idea how I'm able to see them? They are dark and black looking!! Can you please tell me,what this means?

Rev. Jeff answers: Well, this is great! This is your Angels. They are really trying to catch your attention. Yes, one often finds pennies (sometimes in very unusual places---I once found pennies on the roof of my car, in different locations, several days in a row). This is often a way for the Angels to say, "Hi" or just get your attention. And, I have also found dimes, myself. But, now the Angels are combining the pennies and dimes to really get your attention. I guess you should ask yourself, "Do I always find these at the same time of day" "Do I always find these in the same place?" "Am I always thinking of the same thing when I find these?" "Is there something I am ignoring or refusing to change, even though I know I need to?" See if there is some sort of rhythm to finding these signs from the Angels. Or, if you are going through something stressful in your life, the Angels could just be making a point of letting you know that They are around you and you should talk to them and ask for any assistance that you need. And, in fact, in Doreen Virtue's book on Angel Numbers, the Number 11 means: Pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and ideas, as they're answers to your prayers. This number also signifies a highly creative person who needs to avoid addictive behaviors. So, once again, pay attention to what's going on when you find these pennies and dimes.

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Question: I have had a few readings from you and a couple of tea leaf readings. I am just wondering where you say in a tea leaf reading something will happen in either a 2,3 or 4. Is that in a definate 2,3 or 4 or can it be within that period.

Rev. Jeff answers: In a tea leaf reading, the timeframe of 2, 3 and 4 is general, not specific. Events can take place within those periods.

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Question: I have just recently moved into a new home, and my new neighbor is a pagan. I don't know much about paganism, but she showed me her worship table. In the center was a black statue carved with skulls. It looked very evil and dark to me. What does this mean?

Rev. Jeff answers: Well, I wouldn't assume it's something "dark" or "evil" right away. It could mean many things. Paganism or calling oneself a Pagan can mean many different things. And, an individual may have his/her own interpretation also of what a "pagan" is. Some traditions use skulls to represent their ancestors and pay respect and make offerings to their ancestors. It certainly could also be that this person is involved with something "dark." But, maybe not. It's really hard to tell, just from that one statue. (People who are really into dark stuff usually wouldn't have a worship table or altar where others could see it. And, certainly wouldn't show it to someone they don't know. But, if they are in it for "show," then they might like to be public about it.) Before jumping to any conclusions that you may have a devil worshipper living near you, I would suggest politely asking about what they believe and perhaps if they would explain their worship table to you.

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Question: I would like to ask whether there are any affirmations for good neighbor relations,that I can affirm regularly inorder to establish a good rapport and harmonious living with my neighbors? Unfortunately,I'm not lucky when it comes to having good neighbors,even though I'm a very considerate,kind and extremely nice person.

Rev. Jeff answers: First, really feel deserving of having good neighbors. Feel that you deserve this and expect it, because you are a good person. Don't expect trouble---because you will only attract it. Focus on what you do want---that there is peace and harmony, that you get along great with your neighbors. That you can live in peace and harmony. You could certainly do an affirmation, like "I am a kind and considerate person and I am surrounded by kind and considerate people. I offer peace and understanding to the world and I receive peace and understanding in return. I radiate love and kindness and good will, therefore only love, kindness and good will return to me." You can also make prayers to Archangel Gabriel, who governs communication, and ask Gabriel to help you have good and friendly communication with your neighbors. I like to visualize my home surrounded with White Light and I see that White Light expanding outward, into my neighborhood. You could also work with a mantra, if you like. "OM Shanti, Shanti, Shantih" This is a mantra that brings peace and creates peace in its surroundings. (Pronounced: OM SHAHN-TEE, SHAHN-TEE, SHAN-TEE-HEE)

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Question: In HooDoo Candle burning, While performing a love spell the wax dripped on the altar in the shape of a mirror or maybe a magnifying glass, the glass candlestick holder broke and when the flame burned out there was no wax left in the holder. What does this mean? Is this a good or bad sign?

Rev. Jeff answers: This could mean that this person is not for you (if you are doing the love spell for yourself.) If the wax dripped in the shape of a magnifying glass or mirror---it might be an indication for you to look at this situation and relationship and your desire more closely---because perhaps this is not the best person for you to become involved with.

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Question: I seem to be very interested in meditation and also channeling-wondered why it intriques me so-any comments???

Rev. Jeff answers: If this is something you feel very interested in, then pursue it. This is probably your Soul reaching out to you, guiding you to learn about things that would benefit you. It may be that before you incarnated (were born into this body), you wrote this into your life chart---the potential/desire to learn about these things, for your own spiritual growth. Our Soul knows everything and knows what is best for us and knows our life charts. The Soul often tries to "prompt" us or remind us of things through our desires or repetitive thoughts.

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Question: Whenever I go meditating there is a pressure on my right-side of my head and sometimes my head goes up or turnes to the right. I can clearly feel someone's presence and I feel great. Any thoughts?

Rev. Jeff answers: Because you feel a physical symptom (the pressure on your head) and your head turns and because you feel someone's presence, this is most likely your Guardian Angel or one of your Spirit Guides---especially because you do feel good when it happens. Of course, if you should experience any pain or any other "symptoms," I would suggest seeing a qualified physician to make sure their is nothing wrong with the physical body. But, from what you describe, it sounds like you are sensing Spirit (Angels or Guides).

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Question: since the age of 20...i have been seeing several numbers.1:11 111....all the time..on clocks..while traveling... i live on route birthdate..all added up according to numerology is 33....i wake up at all hours of the 1:11...2:22...3:33 ...4:44 5:55...iam at a point i always know even before looking at clock it will many info on what it can all possibly mean...but in my case it's....everyday..all the time...everynight...and iam trying to find what it truely means to it angels??...what does this all mean...what should i be doing?? what should i be aware of?? the last few has been nonstop....

Rev. Jeff answers: This certainly sounds like the Angels (and/or your Spirit Guides) are trying to reach out to you. This is usually the case when you see repeating numbers. To me, I get an impression that you may have chosen this lifetime to be of service to others and to heighten your spirituality. Talk to your Angels--tell them that you understand that They are reaching out to you, and you want Them to guide you to what you need to learn and what you should be doing. I would suggest learning more about the Angels and how to communicate with Them and understand signs/symbols, etc. Because the numbers are non-stop and so repetitive, I feel like They are telling you, "Hey, it's time to get the ball rolling!" So, ask to be guided, in terms of what you should learn and if there is anything "special" you should accomplish. If you have been guided so much with the numbers so far, I'm sure they will guide you in other ways, as well.

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Question: I would like to know what u think about multiple births and psychic abilities? Is this common? Would they all have these abilities or is it possible only one may posess these abilities? If they all have the ability would it be at the some strength/type/level,etc.?

Rev. Jeff answers: I'm assuming you're asking if twins (triplets, quadruplets, etc.) might have the same psychic abilities? Even though multiples can be very similar in many ways and have many of the same qualities and strengths, they are still individuals, with individual Souls. So, their psychic abilities may not be the same or have the same strength. Each Soul has gone through its own, personal evolution. So, just because several Souls decided to incarnate as multiples, it does not mean that they are at the same "stage" of growth in their Soul evolution.

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Question: I have been finding 11 cents mostly every week, sometimes twice a week and it's been happening since 2002. I will find them in different denominations and in different countries or states.

Rev. Jeff answers: This is your Angels, reaching out to you. Read the answer to Question #38 for more information. Talk to your Angels. Learn more about Angels---They want you to know They are with you.

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Question: At first, I found pennies, now I keep finding paper clips on the ground. I believe there is something spiritual to the pennies. Do you think there could be something spiritual to finding the paper clips?

Rev. Jeff answers: Yes, the pennies are usually your Angels reaching out to you. If you continually find paper clips in the same way, then this could also be the Angels or your Guides reaching out to you. I guess you would need to ask yourself---Do I always find these in a certain place or when I am thinking certain thoughts? Is there something I need to "hold on" to? They could be telling you to "hold on," and not give up, for example. But, certainly, if you find them continuously, or always in a certain place or at a certain time, etc., then this is most likely a spiritual sign.

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Question: How can I contact my spirit guide?

Rev. Jeff answers: It would be beyond the scope of this answer page to give you all kinds of detailed methods and instructions for contacting your Spirit Guide(s). There are many good books and CDs out there, that can guide you through this type of process. Usually, these techniques involve reaching a meditative state and visualizing a certain setting, where you invite your Guide to come in and meet you. But, the best and easiest thing I can tell you is to just start talking to them. They are with you. They want to communicate. Usually, they are just waiting for us to realize this and start the process. So, even if you don't know their names, just start talking to them---like they are your good friends, because they are. Tell them that you are ready and you want to become closer to them, to have a stronger connection and to understand their guidance. There are many ways that Angels and Guides can communicate with us---it's not always the classic "psychic" way of hearing them or actually "seeing" them. There are many different ways they try to reach us. To learn a little bit about this, click here.

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Question: July I requested a Personal Spriritual healing session and I was wondering how long should I wait to request another one? Is there a specific time one has to wait in between personal healings?

Rev. Jeff answers: You can request personal spiritual healing anytime you wish. There is no specific amount of time you have to wait between sessions. The only circumstance in which I would recommend that a person wait is if they experience a "healing crisis" from the healing session. Sometimes, physical symptoms could get worse or emotional stuff could come up to be released. (Things appear to get worse, before they get better. Because there is stuff to be released.) So, if a person is having a healing crisis or releasing stuff, they wouldn't necessarily want to increase that, until they've processed it. Otherwise, you can request healing anytime.

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Question: Is it possible for everyone to learn to be a medium or do you have to possess this from an early age? I would like to become closer to the spirit world and be able to communicate with it. Also, I have heard that babies are able to contact or see their angels. Is this true?

Rev. Jeff answers: I do believe that everyone has the potential to develop psychic ability, at least to some extent. These are natural abilities that we all have. It's just that some people are born with their psychic gifts more "open" than others. Or, sometimes, something will happen to cause the abilities to open (like a near death experience). In terms of mediumship, again, I feel that everyone can open up to the spirit world at least to some degree. It may not be your path to become a medium, to open yourself up to that extent, but you can at least become more aware of the world of spirit. So, if this interests you, certainly find some good books about it or a good class and pursue it. And, yes babies are much more open to Angels and the spirit world, in general. They are innocent. They have not been conditioned by the world when they are young---nothing telling them that these things don't exist or that they can't see them, etc. Babies and young children are very spiritually open and aware, more "connected" to God and the Higher Realms.

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