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Message from The Angels
August 7, 2004

Beloved Ones---

We speak to you as one today. We are many, but on this day we come to you as one voice with one message to be heard by all. That message is that "we are with you."

You may all now be saying that you know this message well, that it does not bear repeating. But, trust in us, dearest ones, this message needs to be repeated, and it needs to be said now.

You are all changing, you are all in the process of "becoming." Your earthly shells are falling away, day by day and the time is quickening for an amazing change in humankind and in your planet, the Earth.

Now, you know that we view time differently from you, for time does not really exist beyond your plane of existence. So, we say that the time is at hand, but to you it may be many years before these end results are seen.

We come to you now because we feel that now is the time that you need us most. As we have said, your earthly shells are falling away, little by little. As this happens, your spiritual selves are starting to emerge. We see this happening all over your planet. As this happens you will need our assistance, for this is a new and exciting time for you. But, it will also be a time of challenges and changes. Some of what you may experience you would be likely to call "negative". Please rest in knowing that nothing "bad" will happen to you. We are here to give you the guidance you need during this time. All that is taking place now and that will take place is for the highest good of all and the highest good of your planet.

We come to you now because now is the time that you most need our assistance. We have always been with you, since the creation of your planet. And there have been times in your past where we have played a stronger role. But, we have been relatively quiet, in the background, for some time. Now is the time for the strength of our connection to you to be known once again. Now is the time for us to work together for the good of all.

We are here with one purpose--that is to serve humankind and your planet. We wish nothing more than for you to call upon us for assistance. This is our mission, this is God's gift to you and our reason for being. We wish to help you. We wish to serve you. We wish to work with you every step of the way, until you have shed the veils of ignorance and the Light of your Souls once again shines through. We are here for you now.

We are here to lead you, to guide you, to prepare the way for you. We only ask that you call upon us for assistance. There is one rule, one condition that we may never violate, that is to interfere without your request. We would never take away your gift of free will. So, we ask you now, please call upon us, pray to us, speak with us, and we shall listen. We will do everything that we can to assist you with your requests.

We love you, that is our message. We love you unconditionally and we want to remind you that we are here, now, always. All you need to do is to call out to us.

In love and service,
The Angels

Copyright 2004, Rev. Jeff Bekasinski