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Message from Kwan Yin
July 2, 2004

Beloved ones, I wish to speak to you all about the act of blessing. Many of you who use this word do not even realize what it is that you are saying. Many of you use this word frivolously, saying "bless you" without really thinking about the meaning behind it. It has become such a common and powerless phrase for so many of you.

The act of blessing has been around for a very long time. Throughout the ages, it has become a practice that is virtually meaningless in most situations. The human race has taken this most beautiful gift of love for granted. In some cases, the truth and power of a blessing still does exist, but now it is time for everyone to know and to be able to share this wonderful gift with others.

Blessing starts with an open heart. It is impossible to bless without first opening the heart and being compassionate toward another living being. It is necessary to cultivate compassion and unconditional love toward all beings. It is through this open heart and the compassion that flows from that open heart that creates a true blessing. Indeed, it can be a very powerful practice, if done with the proper mind.

To bless another or a situation is a very beautiful gift that anyone can give. It is not only special people like priests and spiritual leaders or enlightened beings that can bless, it is a gift that anyone can give at any time, as long as you understand the "mechanics" of this process. As I have said, the first step is to open your heart, open yourself to Love, the purest form of energy in this Universe. Love rules all and is the basis for everything. It is the highest and purest energy and expression of the Divine. Here, I speak of unconditional love, for love with conditions is purely an earthly variation of true love. That pure love exists within each one of you and it is merely the act of opening the door of your heart that allows you to access it. Imagine in your heart center that there is a door, go ahead and let it open. Let it open and let the Light of pure Love shine forth from your heart unto everyone and everything.

Reach inside your heart and feel pure love and compassion for everyone and everything that crosses your path during your day. Remember, that everyone and everything that exists is a creation of God. You may exist in a myriad of forms, but you are all part of the same Divine Energy. Seek to see this in your everyday life.

Do not save the gift of blessing solely for those with whom you have attachment---your family, friends, co-workers. Give of this gift freely, as much as you like. Give it to the harried businessman striding down the street, bless the homeless person looking for their next drink, give it to the rich, the poor, the sick and the healthy. Do not hold back with this gift, share it with all. As you bless others, you will surely be blessed. This is the Law of the Universe, that which you put forth, so shall you receive. However, this should not be the reason for your acts of blessing, for in that case, you will receive nothing. It must come from the place of pure Love, free from attachments and desires. When you can do this, when you can give this simple but powerful gift to others freely and without attachment, then you shall also reap the rewards in your own life.

To bless another, do it in any way that you wish. Open the door of your Heart, feel the Love and compassion flowing from you, and then you may speak it, you may sing it , you may dance it or gesture with your hands, you may simply wish it in your own mind. As long as you do this from a basis of pure, unconditional love, then your blessing will go forth and be received. You may ask that the person be blessed with protection, that they are blessed with nourishment and shelter, that they receive the guidance they need or simply ask that they be given what is for their highest good at this time.

Imagine if everyone knew of this and did it everyday! Imagine the beautiful energy of Love that would start to fill your world. Imagine the changes that would occur, simply by the amount of blessings being put forth each moment. Indeed, it is a great force and can create great change.

Go forth and bless and may your blessings fall like a gentle rain upon the thirsty crops.

My blessings to you all,
Kwan Yin