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Message from Blessed Mother Mary
November 14, 2003

All of my dear children,

You have already been given one of the most important messages for your times, the message of Love.

It is time now for you to hear the other part of this equation, which is of Faith. We have realized that so many of you do not really understand what Faith is and how it operates in your world. Now is the time for you to learn this, Faith is of utmost importance during your time of change in the Earth plane now.

What is Faith? Many of you think that you know and also think that you accurately practice Faith. Some of you do, but many of you are mislead when it comes to this subject.

It is true as it is said in the “Bible” that one only needs Faith the size of a mustard seed. This example had been given to show that Faith is not a grandiose affair, but rather most simple and even the smallest amount of faith CAN move a mountain.

So many of you say “I have faith in God”; “I have faith in the Angels”; “I have faith that so and so will occur, because I have prayed for it and it and I have faith it will happen.” And, then when it does not come to pass, or you feel that God has forgotten you, all of your so-called “Faith goes out the window. Truly, then, you did not understand the concept of faith in the first place.

Faith connects with the message of Love and the message of the Heart, because this is where true Faith resides. Faith is not really a quality, although you may need to develop it as you would any other quality. Faith simply is. You either have Faith or you do not. If you say you have Faith and then things do not “go your way” and you revert back to the negative conditions of fear and misunderstanding, then you did not really have faith in the first place.

To have Faith means to have Faith, nothing more, and nothing less. Faith, like true Love is unconditional. It does not matter what else takes place in your world, in your everyday life, if you truly have Faith then it will not dissipate, it will not disappear, it will remain strong in your Heart and you shall be set free from the shackles you bind yourself with.

We will not fool you to think that Faith is something that is easily obtained. In truth, in your societies, it is not. You have moved so far from the true meaning and feelings of Faith. But, it can be yours, at any time, in an instant. To have faith is to believe, without doubt in something or someone. I repeat, without a doubt, ever! When Joan of Arc was burning on the cross, she did not lose her faith, it carried her through her ordeal and she ascended to Heaven without pain.

To learn to have faith is for all matters in your existence, not just to believe in God. You must have faith in yourself, in your abilities, in your prayers, in your lifepath. Faith is KNOWING without a DOUBT that something you may not even see or hear or experience exists.

Doubt is the keyword here. Doubt is the working of the irrational subconscious mind, the minds of others, the facts and counter opinions that you are subject to everyday. To understand and to cultivate faith, you must contemplate it, meditate on it, then use it and do not DOUBT. As soon as you let the power of doubt enter your mind, that’s it, your faith is gone, destroyed.

Believe, use your heart, where Faith resides, let the Faith shine forth. Decide what it is that you will have faith in----getting a new car, communicating with your Angels, being able to feed your children, whatever it is that you need. God wants you to have everything. God has never wanted you to suffer, ever. It is all yours for the asking, but the payment in return is Faith.

You must have faith that you are a part of the great Grand Design/God/the Universe. You must understand that you are not separate from anything at all. All good can be yours, if you understand this, and you understand this with Faith.

Faith is an unerring belief. Choose something. Choose one thing that you would like to manifest in your life, whether it is spiritual or material. Then, put your Faith behind it and never let go. It may NOT happen instantly. If it did, you probably wouldn’t need this lesson. But, if you let go, if you let doubt creep in for one moment, you must start all over again. So choose something, something small to begin with. Affirm that it is yours by Divine Right because you are a living part of the Divine, and it is your birthright. Then, open your Heart and let the Faith pour out. Simply KNOW that it shall come to pass. Even if obstacles seem to appear in your way, ignore them. Continue on with your faith. Do not let the doubt creep in and make you start over. Just keep on having faith. Obstacles are likely to occur, because the subconscious forces do not want you to know that you really have full control over your life and your destiny. Start with something simple, and work with Faith until it comes to pass, no matter what happens along the way, do not lose your Faith that your desire will come to pass. Do not put limitations on how it will happen, just KNOW that it will.

Do this until you can complete one wish, one task with full Faith. And, ten you will start to see and understand. Then, you can work more with Faith and work with bigger and bigger requests. Keep working with the Faith residing in your Heart until nothing can touch it, ever. Then you will be truly rewarded and will have achieved a great ascension in this lifetime.

As a closing note, occasionally you do not get what it is that you are seeking, even with your full faith. There may be reasons for this that you do not know of. Perhaps it will harm another being or it will take you off your path. To avoid these circumstances, when you affirm that which you desire to manifest, simply state that “it is done for the good of all, this or better.” Then you will receive what you truly need and it will not interrupt your Faith.

My love and blessings are with you always.
You are all my dear children and I watch over all of you.

My love,