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Message from Serapis Bey
Re: Opening the Heart
July 31, 2003

Question: What is important for us to know at this time?

Serapis Bey: Love. Concentrate on love. Now is the time to open your heart centers and concentrate on the qualities of love, pure love, unconditional love. Love is the power, the force of the Universe that will allow changes to progress more quickly on your planet at this time. It is time to open your heart centers, dear ones. You have been living too long in the lower centers, concerned wit survival, and acquisitions, money and pleasures. It is now times to focus on those higher energies that will allow not only yourselves, but your planet to ascend to the next level.

The heart center is the gateway to all of this. It is the connection between your lower centers and your higher centers. It allows you to process the information from your higher guides and teachers. It allows you to reach heaven on your own. Through the heart center you will make contact with all of Us. It is opening of the heart center that is the most important. Without first doing this, all of your efforts will be in vain. You can only go so far. Some think that the crown chakra, the higher centers are the most important for evolution of your species at this time. True, it is important to develop these centers and their qualities, but without the functioning of the Heart center, it will have little importance.

Be open and loving to all those whom you meet. See God in each other. Raise your vibrations, open your heart to that unconditional love that the Masters before you have shown-Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. This is the pure love of the Spirit, not emotional or attached love. This is the love that allows you to see God in everyone and everything, for that is the Supreme Truth.

Take time during your day to love yourself, love your heart center, will it to open and accept the Love that pervades this entire universe. Merely by concentrating on the heart center you are given the opportunity to make it expand. Practice loving thoughts to all of your neighbors, friends, relatives, everyone. You must see that no matter what “prison” a person seems to be in, that within them resides the same force, the same principle, and that is God, the Divine. You must learn to see past the reflections in the mirror, the world as your eyes and ideas have created it. Look past the external influences and look inside everyone and everything to find that God-seed inside.

Then, you will progress. Then you will open fully and blossom like a flower. Then you will start to know and own your Divinity.

With love,
Serapis Bey