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Message from Sananda (Jesus Christ)
Re: The Heart and Meditation
July 15, 2003

Question: Sananda, are there any meditation practices that would benefit us at this time?

Sananda: Meditate on the heart. The heart is the receptacle of All That Is. It is the universal conduit that we have chosen to allow these higher energies to pass through into your system. Meditate on the Heart, the center of your creativity, love and compassion. Meditate on the heart, which is the life-bringer to your Ascension. It is through this Heart center that you shall see amazing results. Meditate on the Heart. We are not talking about the physical heart, even though this organ is related to your Heart Center. We are speaking of your one and only true Heart Center. That which encompasses all that you are, it is the beginning and the end of your search. It is the anchor of the body, the mind and the soul. It is through the Heart that you shall achieve ascension, vitality, oneness with All That Is.

Meditate on the heart. Mediate on the circle of light that exists with in you. Within the Heart Center there is a flame, the Violet Flame of God, a flame of recognition that you are one with the Divine, that you are not separate from anything at all. Meditate on this center. See the brilliant white globe of purity and power that resides in each one of you. Then, see and call forth the Violet Flame that resides in your Heart. See that flame glowing brightly. It is your spark, it is your connection to the Divine. It is your Soul essence. It is that which you wish to foster and grow. Enter your heart, enter your cave of the Self, your place of connection with the Divine.

Sit quietly, empty yourself of all thought and allow yourself to merge with that Divine Principle that lies within you. Your solar plexus is your seat of power, your third eye is that which allows you to see and interpret messages from the other worlds, and your crown center is important because it allows the spiritual vibrations from above to enter your aura and life centers. But, it is your Heart Center that we are most concerned with. It is the center of Love and understanding, of compassion and of the greatest importance. It is the seat of your Soul. Therefore, it is the Heart Center that you should give the most consideration. By opening the way of the Heart, you are expanding into a new universe, a new sense of self and you are learning to connect with that Divine Source within you all.

Sit now and center yourself in the Heart. Allow yourself to be within that space, not a physical space per se, but a spiritual space that exists within all of you. Sit in that Heart space and become quiet, Do not let the mind disturb you. Tell the mind not to disturb you when you are working with this Center. It can certainly wait to bother you with its random thoughts at another time. You have the control, remember this. Place yourself in your heart center, sit and meditate. Meditate on the Oneness that exists within each and every one of you. Meditate on this most high spiritual center . Meditate on the Light within you, that spark that connects you with everything else that is. Quiet yourself and contemplate the richness of your experience.

Call forth the Violet Flame of God. Let that flame shine in your Heart Center. See the flame growing and rising, a most beautiful violet color. The flame rises higher and higher, and expands, starting to move outside of the heart center and expanding, expanding, until it encompasses all of your physical body. Let that Violet Flame of God expand, let it continue to grow, allow it to happen and it will. Allow the Violet Flame, the gift from God, to continue to expand, encompassing your whole aura, moving beyond the limitations of the body, moving into your spiritual body and past it. Let it expand and cleanse your aura of all negative vibrations. Let it clear away all of the mental anguish, the present and past hurts and negative emotions that reside within your spiritual body and aura.

The Violet Flame cleanses everything that it touches. Allow that Violet Flame to touch every part of you. Allow it to enter every cell of your being. Let it grow and grow. This is the Violet Flame of transmutation. Allow this flame to pass through all of your bodies---spiritual, physical, emotional, mental. Allow it to clean away all of the past and current debris that has accumulated. Allow it to wipe clean all of the karma from your current and past lifetimes. Yes, the Violet Flame has such a power. Simply ask for it to be done and it will be done.

This is a gift from God. Use it wisely. Meditate on it frequently. Allow the Violet Flame to build up, stronger and stronger each time that you sit with it. Allow it to expand beyond your aura, cleaning and repairing and activating your higher and lower chakras, the chakras that do not reside within the physical body. See the Violet Flame grow and grow until nothing exists for you except this Violet Flame.

This, my dear ones, is the most important lesson that you can learn. This is the most important meditation that you can perform. This is your gift. It is the Law of God that if you ask for the Violet Flame of Transmutation, it will be given to you. It is up to you to follow it and to allow it to grow and to work with it. God has given you the gift, it is up to you to use it wisely.

All of my blessings,