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Message from Archangel Raphael
Re: SARS Virus
May 15, 2003

Dear Ones---

There is no need to put so much worry on this situation that is being called SARS. From time to time, the Earth mother herself forms and reforms matter, when she is in need. Sometimes she forms what you would call "diseases". This is all part of the natural process of your planet. It is a cleansing. People who are affected have chosen so by their karma.

Do not worry, it will end as soon as it began. You are forgetting that the death toll is much greater from so many other things that are "man-created" than this organism called SARS.

Do not start to worry and fear that you or your loved ones will become infected. This will only serve to draw the virus to you. You must know that you are protected at all times, and that God wants nothing but the best for you always.

Keep your body and your mind healthy, that is all that you need to do. Call upon me anytime you wish, for that is my purpose, to come to your aid at anytime, to as many of you who call upon me. Ask me to surround you with my healing light and I shall.

You are constantly choosing to create for yourselves a world of fear. Fear is your greatest enemy, for it will create whatever it is you focus on. Instead, focus on health, love and the grace of God. Give your fears away to God, so that they may be reborn into positive energies. When your mind turns to fear, cast it away and replace it with positive thoughts.

In service,